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  1. Yes try GPS Underground :: Your Tracks Guide
  2. Wurth do waterproof connectors
  3. i normally fit the novus cam kits
  4. A4 B7 2.0 TDI 170 Wont start

    Tester is a 5054 clone and christ them injectors aint cheap are they
  5. A4 B7 2.0 TDI 170 Wont start

    yes i have to look at an 07 A4 SLine which i think has this issue on friday any ideas what the general costs for the parts are and you mention about the loom and resistance whats that all about not heard of that but as for diag i have vas and vag-com
  6. A4 B7 2.0 TDI 170 Wont start

    Bit late guys but did you get this sorted i think this happens when an injector goes down
  7. Vw rns310

    Both dension and Fiscon do a kit that will work your head unit
  8. Yes correct it has 2 perm + feed as it does its switching via canbus so easiest thing to do is connect it all up via a quad to iso adaptor then get your ignition feed from either the cig lighter socket or the power supply going to the back of the heater panel thats the cheapest option or go fo a canbus adaptor about 50 quidish and that will do the switching for you just a case of plug and play
  9. i`ve not personally fitted any of these but i`ve heard the Kenwood is the better system but i have seen the 510`s on ebay if you want to stay oe
  10. These are plug and play systems http://www.zenec.com/de/produkte/ego/ but most makes are available now like kenwood, Pioneer etc as a plug & play setup
  11. Partially pairing,disconnecting,dropping connection,echo sound are all normally compatability issues i would contact Audi and i`m sure they will be able to tell you what they have on their list for compatible handsets
  12. the part with 2 red circles just unclips by pulling down at the back part nearest to the glasses pocket and has 2 screws behind exactly where the the red circles are or you can unclip the plastic part where the rear view mirror runs into
  13. I always mount lic`s at interior light console as pillar mounted will pickup noise when driving with the window down as for the install he shows i bet he didnt take into consideration about the curtain airbag when he routed the cable accross it at the top of the pillar (always route cable behind the airbag so as not to affect it should it ever be required. you got any pics of your interior light. if you were close to me i`d do it for you as dont take long to do when your fitting kits every day
  14. search for dension gateway five or fiscon but either way the car will need to have the phone section activated i have only personally installed dension kits but i think the fiscon is ok just costs a bit more
  15. I have fitted loads of bury hands free kits and they have a new bit of kit you might be interested in called the bury motion http://www.bury.com/cws/en/downloadfile.html?fid=3236 BURY Technologies - Motion - DE