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  1. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    Apart from the wheels as mins are 21" titanium
  2. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    Same as mine, I can't seem to attach pics or videos from my phone. The boost gauge and gear change alert is pretty cool and is in the lap times setting on the DIS
  3. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    Boost vid
  4. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    I have a boost gauge now
  5. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    Sorry just noticed the spelling
  6. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    It's been a while since I have been on here, now have a 2015 RS6 in Nardo grey, sunroof, sports zorst, black optics, 21" titanium rims and a few other toys. I have heard that you can get a boost gauge by messing around in the RS mode app!!! WTF is this anyone?
  7. New car ordered

    Excuse the poor English, wine&iphone 5 & fast typing without looking don't work & I'm watching my Yorkshire puddings rise whilst watching 3 kids and a massive dog
  8. New car ordered

    Doesn't sport handling mode turn things off? The reason I say is that in Edinburgh late Thursday eve heading to the north queensferry bridge I turned manual mode on an sport handling and managed to do an awesome sideways moment bouncing off the limiter. To be honest it was very moist due to the BA weather up north on Thursday pm, as were my pants. The cars electronics took over when the back end started to get really horny and saved the day. Lesson learnt. In the wet leave the sport handling button alone. I have however noticed it spits and spurts more with the mode on and wondered if it did anything to the engine or exhausts etc
  9. New car ordered

    I average 26 to 28 on motorway runs however its pants around town. Done 4k miles already and love it. Anyone know what the sport handling mode actually does
  10. New car ordered

    It's interesting as it seems to cough and bark even between up shifts. Tried manual mode with sport handling activated and the rear end stepped out at low speed, it was easy and comfortable however would have been different in the wet.
  11. New car ordered

    What's the score with RS mode, is it really any better than planting the loud pedal in sport + mode. Not tried it yet
  12. New car ordered

    Was careful for the first 1k miles. Now it's a free for all.
  13. New car ordered

    1200 miles done time to give it beans
  14. whats hiding in your garage?

    i have these beauties in my garage oh and this
  15. New car ordered

    800 miles done and the question is how durable is the black stuff on the wheels (and I don't mean the tyres). I mean the alloys, is there a should not use list for cleaning acids etc. I suppose you will not see the brake dust but they will still need cleaning.