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  1. Rear window mould/condensation

    I'd also be taking it back to the dealer.... Where do you park it? Could you park it so the sun hits it in the morning and warms it up? I know this isn't a great fix but it could reduce the water/mould slightly. At the end of the day, I've never heard of this happening before and it sounds like it needs a new seal. The dealer should be able to sort that out for you.
  2. My new toy

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't use their car that often!
  3. Stage 2+ S3 8P what clutch

    I've had the LOBA/Sachs setup installed on mine about a month ago. I had the Sachs + OEM seup before but it didn't last very long. Already done 1 track day + about 1000 miles without any problems.
  4. S3 revo clutch upgrade

    Hi, I too am running stage 2+ and after about 2K the clutch started slipping. So after some forum advice I had a Sachs clutch fitted with new flywheel by AMD. Since then I've never looked back. It's stiff to start with but after 500 miles it feels like stock but better. It holds no matter what abuse it give it. If I were to do it all again, I'd go the same route. Hope that helps...
  5. I heard there will be no demo rs3's...... Anyone heard different?
  6. Selling my S3, advice needed please...

    I saw the username and thought exactly the same. I think that conversion was only done recently so id be surprised it was for sale so soon. Id like to take a loba tuned s3 out for a spin..... :-)
  7. RS3 Video

    I would put my money on that if it was a 3 door! Still can't believe they are doing it SB only...... idiots! I'm sure that video will be enhanced when they make the final adverts.
  8. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    And hopefully in a 3 door!
  9. s3 armrest

    Depending on the year of the S3, the early 8P's came without armrests and it was an option. The newer 8p's come as standard. There is a blanking plate that can be installed, Audi will have the part number, you'll have to hide the cabling for the phone prep if you have it.
  10. hey there

    Welcome, ask away!
  11. Blackpool

  12. LOL, Can't believe I hadn't heard that one yet....
  13. Model Year 2011

    Fingers crossed for a 2.5L lump!
  14. Roofbars

    I'll take another look but I could of sworn there isn't one.... Maybe there is!