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  1. 2.0 TDI fuel consumption

    Hi, mine does around 520 on a tank, so not too bad, tried turning off the c/c for a tank, but didnt really make much odds
  2. Window rattle - driving me nuts!

    Hi, had the same prob on my a3, they replaced the window seals and tightened doors under warranty and that fixed problem. cheers
  3. n75 valve on Mk4 Turbo GTI

    sorry about the spelling, only just seen how bad it is!!!
  4. Hi All, Ive read in a few posts about a n75 valve.....where is that??, my acceleration was a bit jumpy and so changed one of the valvues think it was the diverter valve (black thing made by bosch), think its liek a dump valve..... anyway enough rembling whats this other n75 valve and where is it as maybe that will solve my not so smooth acceleration!!. all the best
  5. GTI Turbo steering play!!

    hello again!, sorry to be a pain!, but the track rod, you said its screwed in...... how could that be worn as i thought a thread would not "wear as such"?! all the best
  6. GTI Turbo steering play!!

    i see eurocar parts do a new track rod....would that be it??... are they screwed in?, if so whats worn out??.... cheers
  7. GTI Badges ????

    hello!, just to add even more complication my 150T is a W reg and has a GT with the I red!!, yet a friends is on a Y and has all silver GTI, i just lucky??
  8. Hello everybody, appreciate a bit of help. My drivers side wheel when jacked up has play when you move the wheel from side to side. I cant see the lower ball joint moving too much and wonder if it is coming from the rack itself. Its not the track rod end but you can feel about half a cm or so of movement, and hear the play if you know what i mean!. I noticed it as the car wanders a little bit especially at higher speeds and if its windy..... Please help!!!!, is the rack buggered or is it something else..... all the best and cheers.
  9. Hi everyone, just a quick question, does anyone know where i can get hold of a front centre armrest for my GTI Turbo....My recaro trim is dark chequered colour and so i guess i need a dark coloured armrest!. Any help appreciated and if any one knows of one i would be interested in buying it!!!. All the best
  10. Hi everyone, thanks for the previous advice, i changed the dv, it is still doing something...!!. It is like a bit of a feathering from the engine at times, and i reckon this causes the judder, most noticable when going up hill, if i take my foot off the gas a bit you slow down a bit....then a second or so after you get a jolt...which i think is engine related?! Only reason i reckon this is if i have the bonnet up and just rev the car, just before the car settles back down to idle the engine will flutter a bit hence making it move a bit in the bay!!. Hope this makes sense to somebody, appreciate any help, oh and hope its not too serious as the old girl has to transport me to denmark this weekend!!. All the best... PS:the originial proplem is a few posts ago for those of you who missed it!
  11. Hi, Being lazy as i am, i am looking to install crusie control on my Mk4 Turbo, does anyone know if its easy to do, is it a DIY job?, or does anyone know how much and who will do it?.....Cheers Jeremy
  12. Mk 4 GTI 1.8T juddering!!!!!

    I thought i may remove the clutch next week and have a look......if the flywheel is knackerred will it be visible?, or is it difficult to tell
  13. Mk 4 GTI 1.8T juddering!!!!!

    Thanks for that, I will have a look, is it near the turbo??. Also along with the jolt, as you accelerate it seems to sort of dither a bit..... sort of not a smooth acceleration, maybe that is to do with it also??
  14. Hi everyone, hope you can help me. My GTI is a 2000 model and has done 123,000 miles and had no probs in that time apart from now!. About 10000 miles ago i thought the clutch was getting a bit iffy, but pressed on as its got no the problem can only be described as a small jolt.....this occurs when driving and upon releasing from the accelerator pedal, and also on the take up again....its more apparent at low speeds. I immediately thought that it was due to a engine mount, and so changed the one above the gearbox and the bar type one undedr the engine that attaches to the subframe. A friend has the same car and his engine moves much more but does not have this problem!, so i am now wondering if it something due to the clutch???... Im sure i remember the dealer talking about a dual clutch thing or something??, and said that the clutch could also wear out the flywheel??....would this cause this jolt if it was all getting worn?, and any ideas on price to repair?. It gets irritating as i am starting to drive very delicately on the gas so that i try to avoid the jolt!!!!. thanks for help, it would be much appreciated!!.