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  1. 2.0t quattro s-tronic

    My A4 2.0TFSI Q S Tronic could only manage 20ish MPG around town. Hit the GO pedal harder and it goes to 16 MPG. Enough said I don't have it any more now. Mainly because of the problem with the S Tronic gearbox.
  2. New A5 Cab - dealer discount?

    10% minimum, internet brokers usually deal at about 12%. Cars that are already built and on the system could be 15%. Martin
  3. New A5 coupe auto dilema

    Please be aware that the new 7 speed S Tronic is not IMO as good as the FWD 6 peed version. I went from a Golf GTI DSG to a A4 2.0TFSI Q with the 7 speed S Tronic and it was a real letdown. Slow to change up, lumpy up shifts and to top it off very poor fuel economy. After 6 months the car went back to Audi and I now have a A5 2.0TDI manual and are loving it.
  4. Q5 S tronic..

    If you have one of these please read this Martin
  5. S Tronic gear box

    If you have one of these please read. martin
  6. S Tronic gear box

    if you have one of these please read. martin
  7. Q5 problem

    Hi... I have been contacted by Audi. The second update is available. I'm having mine done on Wednesday. Martininwillerby
  8. Q5 problem

    Hi... Just got back from a 30 mile run on the motorway after having the S Tronic software updated. Unfortunately it hasn't fixed the problem. I didn't get the full blown power surging / pulsing but it was defiantly there. I would have to go on a long run to find out for sure as the surging / pulsing varies at times. Sometimes real strong other times hardly noticeable. Today I found out another way of describing the problem. Imagine your driving along at a steady pace and you drive through standing water on the road, you don't really slow down but it feels like the power has been taken away from you. That is how it feels to me. Let me know your thoughts on it. Martininwillerby
  9. Q5 problem

    Audi uk has a software update for the s tronic gearbox. I am having it done on wednesday. Fingers crossed it should fix it.
  10. Q5 problem

    Hi... Which Audi dealer did you take it to. Can you provide me with the dealers telephone number, The person you've been in contact with and also you surname for reference. I'll give them a ring when I get the details from you. Thanks Martininwillerby
  11. Q5 problem

    Here a couple of videos showing the problem I have (not my car) YouTube - Avería Q5 2.0 TFSI S-Tronic And a german web site has a good thread on it... Google Translate Martin
  12. Q5 problem

    Hi... The fault you describe is the same as I have with my A4 S Tronic. It's been at Audi and they have said it's a problem with the software. Audi are on with some new software which should be available by the end of the month. So far I've done 450 miles in two weeks since new. The other thing I'm not sure about is the time it takes to change up a gear in when in manual using either the gear stick or the paddles on the steering wheel whilst accelerating briskly. Most times it's taking 200 rpm before getting into the next gear. Martin
  13. R32 OC Rolling Road day at Awesome-Gti

    Hi... Bit of a nooob question. How come they aren't on a 4WD rollers system been R32's. Martininwillerby
  14. My 2006 Black Magic Skoda Octavia vRS

    Looks nice... Love the wheels... Just needs lowering... Martininwillerby
  15. Audi Order Times...

    Too right...