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  1. Leon Cupra R

    If u could do that id be very greatful thankyou Tipex, Andrew all these parts are wear and tear items that will require replacing at some stage as i said i do pretty much all the service/repair work on my cars so those prices dont scare me lol. thankyou though for your information im a bit more clued up on what to expect.
  2. Leon Cupra R

    I have done some reaserch on the LCR and thats why its become the main contender, my background on cars isnt long at all started off in a 1993 1.2 corsa then i picked up a mint 2001 vectra 1.8 16v sxi which ive been running the past 6 years and put 70-80k on it so my annual mileage wont be astronomical but im looking for a car to serve me a few years that packs a punch for the money im spending and isnt too bad to run i dont mind the fuel costs so long as wen i put my foot down it shifts. ive looked at skoda octavia vrs and test drove a normal cupra with a stage 1 revo remap running 210bhp and that was fun but im thinking the LCR has 225 standard and is only £30-50 dearer to insure than than cupra and it looks much better IMO repair costs and servicing isnt a problem as i do my own servicing and have a good friend that specialises in VAG. but after recieving good welcome feedback from this forum i thought it would be worth seeing wat the opinions of other owners were like. just need to find one and experience the joy myself!
  3. Leon Cupra R

    Cheers guys im glad it wasnt just me thinking that, when i questioned the dealer about it he just said "its one of those wear and tear items i suppose!!" working for mercedes for 8 years i can only assume its had the mother of all thrashings from cold start etc. but as u guys have said there are some decent ones out there. What sorta mileage would you look out for cos ive seen a few around 80k with full service histories and looking standard (no coloured induction pipes and k&n jobbies) but instinct tells me to hunt for something with less mileage? again thanks for the advice.
  4. Leon Cupra R

    Morning guys n girls I am Looking at Seat leon Cupra R 225 around 2003-2005 shape budget of 6k Ive seen a few and there is one right on my doorstep! only its a dealer and the description of the car is telling me to keep looking and forget it,:confused: the car is 2005 silver with 58k on the clock up for £6400 3 owners but here the bad bits recent service includes cambelt, water pump, battery, clutch and a turbo!! a clutch and turbo before 60k indicates to me a hard life!! just wondered what opinions other people have on it? Cheers
  5. Vauxhall electrical issue?

    The last lot of fuel i put in was Esso i tend to stay away from supermarket fuel as like you say they have been known to cause issues. The engine in my car uses an all in one coil pack with the outputs connecting straight onto the plugs so i have no leads wish they were separate coils rather than one huge one. lot cheaper and simpler to replace.
  6. Vauxhall electrical issue?

    Hey guys Driving my vectra to work on thursday decides its gonna have a little missfire and put the annoying EML light on the dash, it kept clearing then missing a few times on my 30min commute. When i got to work the fault reader came up with missfire cylinder 1, so i cleared it and when i drove home it did it again got home it had moved to cylinder 4:confused: so i borrowed the coilpack off my mums matching vectra estate:grin: and it seemed the be well again. friday i put a new valeo coilpack on it and plugs as its been a while since they were replace some 60k ago:eek: all was well until i was giving it stink up a dual carridge way slight dip in performance then back up to full power and EML flashing!!! fault reader comes up cylinder 3 missfire!!! so decided to slap on a new fuel filter thinking that too had also not been replaced for yonks. Drove it around 60miles on saturday not missing a beat until reversing into the drive after picking a mate up. so i left it as it was. Today i get up after a night of thort and came to conclusion it could be dodgy fuel??? about 1/4 of a tank left. went to start it and fired on wat i could only describe as 2 cylinders!! i blipped the throttle to which it cut out and wen i tried to restart it turned over like it had no compression then it fired on two again so called the AA the guy came along 45mins later put his fault reader on it and couldnt find any faults, turned the key and she fired straight up as if nothing was wrong he revved it and let it warm up to fan cutting in and it was absolutely fine!!!! me feeling very frustrated with the car had to accept there was nothing he could do to help so im stuck back at stage one:ffs: any advice from anyone would be greatly appreiciated (i no this isnt a vauxhall forum but its worth a shout) cheers
  7. Poxy ford festa!!

    LOL at tidy, believe me if i could i would push it off a cliff on fire. but its my sisters daily running that my dad owns so he wouldnt be happy if i did that:( when i checked the fault code on the forum it points to the throttle body itself as the position sensor is built into it and apparently is a common fault. ive checked the wiring visually and it looks ok i.e not corroded or burnt.:confused: but im guessing should check resistance? im gonna fire an email off to a website i came across that remanufacture throttle bodies and see if they can help. the connections all look good and in tact nothing loose. poxy fords almost as bad as VW lol.
  8. Poxy ford festa!!

    Got a 2002 ford fiesta 1.4 16v duratec, withwhat appears to be a known problem. Driving down the motorway i lose all accelerator and car feels like its cut out, the dash goes tits and the message EAC FAIL comes up in the mileage display. restart the car and drives ok for a mile or two then happens again, ive put my fault reader on it and it comes up with P2135 throttle position sensor voltage. ive had a look on a few forums a most of them put it down to the throttle body some evn go to wiring loom and ecu:eek:?!?!?!?! my question is has anyone experienced the same problem and where i should go with it before i start ripping throttle bodies off it and muck up the programming? any advice given would be greatful
  9. Cold starting issue

    Power seems to be ok it used to fly before the turbo went but i guessed because it was overboosting thats why, but it still gets up n goes wen i give it beans.
  10. Cold starting issue

    hey guys still scratching my head with the bora, it only seems to happen when cold and once warm it clears. it only runs like this wen at idle if i start it and drive straight off its ok and no smoke, yet if i leave it running on tickover when first started it has a few coughs and kicks a cloud out the back when u rev it. i was hoping mybe tidy was browsing here but i think hes missed it lol. again thanks to cruiser but ive already done this and driven it to france and back so its done round 2000miles since i done all the work.
  11. Cold starting issue

    Hello Cruiser647, when i took the turbo out to have it de-sooted! i cleaned an extremely coked up egr valve and inlet manifold and tested the egr with my vacuum tester, all works ok and opens and closes when it should. Then refitted with new gaskets. Your right it does smoke like a gooden and runs slightly rough but this shouldnt keep on happening after 1000+miles driving down to south of france and back!
  12. Cold starting issue

    also whilst im here question for tidy, im thinking of changing my 2001 vectra sxi 1.8 16v for possibly a skoda octavia vrs mk1 around 2004/2005 can you advise me on wether its a good buy? a friend of a friend has a 2005 seat leon cupra r for sale its got the same engine as the bora which is putting me off somewhat due to the problems ive had on my friends one. but the seat has done 68k and is an 05 reg full leather and seat sat nav. decisions decisions. any advise as always would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey guys im back but this time hoping its not to servere, the bora since the last host of problems is running fine boost is still there and when its warm goes like stink. Just returned from the south of france in it and its been solid. Now for my niggle, when i start the car from cold (letting the glow pug light flick on n off process takes about 2 seconds) it always jus needs a short kick from the starter never alot of cranking, but sometimes it just about fires and runs lumpy for around 5-10seconds then sorts herself out to a decent idle. let it idle for a bit and every now n then she coughes to the best of my explaination its a "blip" then returns to idling this happens every few seconds and with a gentle rev a cloud of blueish/white smoke comes from the exhaust. (not thick and not alot) once it warms up its fine and starts on the button. i wanna try a set of glow plugs in it but wanna see wat you guys think first. cheers+++
  14. Bora tdi died any ideas?

    Just a quick update for those who having similar problems, sent the turbo to located in blackpool they send a courier out to collect ur broken turbo strip it right down clean it replace bearings and seals put it back together test it and balnce it up then give it a lick of heat resistant paint plus a years garuntee all for £300!! it returned 3 days later fitting it back on the car and FULL power is BACK!!!! fallen back in love with the car. and hopefully no more problems. many thanks to tidy who has been a well of knowledge to me. this is by no means the last of me lol.
  15. Bora tdi died any ideas?

    Hey Guys Sorry its been a while, been kinda busy changing jobs and so on. The bora is in pieces and im gonna send the turbo away to be reconditioned (a mate at work did this to his Galaxy tdi and its fixed) i tried everything i could with this car, various sensors, vacuum checks even 2 diesel specialists have had it. 1 tells me he cant work out what the problem is and 2 reckons they tested it against another 150 golf and they exactly the same?????? i get it back and clearly its not but the other night it completey lost it and went into limp mode so i stuck my obd tester on it P1557 Charge pressure control comes up. So my view is the turbo must be at fault so after a few hours and f**ks later the turbos in a box and im sending it away tomorrow. hoping this helps then contemplating selling it as its jus one thing after another.