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  1. A3 FSI 2.0 BLR

    Hi Guys I am in the need of help, I have read all I can find regards fault codes 300 and 301 random misfire no 1 cylinder. plugs changed, coil packs changed. MAP changed. I am now stuck where to go next any pointers would be appreciated guys. The strange thing is if I start and just drive no problem the car runs faultless however if I stop for 5 to 10 mins then restart it runs like a dog holding back misfiring engine light flashing nearly impossible to drive, sometimes turning off and restarting it goes back to normal but not always. But from cold perfect I could drive until the fuel tank is on empty but dare to stop for a while then restart misfiring and holding back. It must be something regarding temperature and may be force information given to the ECU on restart I just don't know were to go next help