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  1. Coolant loss

    Also, does the chamber need fluid when the light comes on?
  2. F1 Aussie style

    I wonder if Bernie has seen this?
  3. F1 Aussie style

    How to use your Ute. Jumps - genius!!!
  4. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    Grounds for divorce!
  5. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    AB - you are a bad, bad man.
  6. New pants please

    Bloody hell!!!!
  7. F1 2017

    Presume, that Renault must be in this for the long haul, having must have spanked a shed load of cash on this:- F1 2027, according to Renault.
  8. New pants please

    I have just remembered what this reminds me of. A choice of:- 1) The Dukes of Hazard 2) Smokey & The Bandit
  9. New pants please

    Armco is quite strong!!!! Even if it is a glancing blow.
  10. Another new S5 ordered

    Really trying not to laugh. Don't want to encourage you!
  11. New pants please

    Welcome to Peterborough..... Feck - NASA would have been proud of that launch. Stupid, stupid bint.
  12. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    Fair enough. Perhaps a blue stripe would help?
  13. Another new S5 ordered

    OR if it is a Dick Strawbridge or Poirot or Kaiser Wilhelm style moustache......
  14. Haynes motor museum

    blah blah blah not looking. Not looking..... Turning circle of a London bus I should think! PS - it's up at £16K now.
  15. Another new S5 ordered

    Free sun glasses when you buy and get in that.