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  1. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    The pump (which was properly FUBAR'ed!), the pump fuse and the relay (the relay is the part that dies - stuck ON, to the pump just runs itself to death and the car then goes into JACKING MODE where the air bags stiffen to avoid damage) Front and rear upper suspension bushes (front) Brake Fluid change. Mercs, Range Rovers use the same pump....
  2. 2007 S6 MMI screen failed?

    Sounds like you have badly soldered joints somewhere along the the cable from screen to MMI unit. You could always try reseating the cables IF you don't have to remove it. Just to try that first. Then get the unit. If you fibre optics, then it will need coding.
  3. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    Just had the first major (non-service) work done on my S8. The suspension pump gave up the ghost, so I was stuck in low, rock hard suspension. So, that is how a 'bad boy' Nova driver feels..... bloody uncomfortable! I drove down to Welwyn and my old VAG man to sort it and a few other bits and pieces (some suspension bushes and brake fluid) as my local Audi dealer wanted over £2K just to do the pump. I got a lovely Nissan Note (auto) as a courtesy car. Seemed OK, sat at 60-70 fine, very economical too. (but then again, most things are compared to a V10) Car back after 2 days, as they had to order some extra pipes. Feels good to have some suspension give.
  4. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Yeah, good luck with the pump timing!
  5. A few from the village car show

    And a proper Aston Martin too!!
  6. New pants please

    He rode off like that? Jesus!!!!
  7. New pants please

    Did he hurt himself? As riding into the bike place could hurt.... That bloke must have been trying to do a few stunts!
  8. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Ah, well done. How do you plan on removing the rest of the centre bolt?
  9. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi, I don't think the engine mountings will affect the car starting. They are usually designed to counter vibration. Even utterly knackered ones shouldn't stop an engine from starting. The 01376 issue is a more important one, but did you only use VAG-Com on the engine? Were there any other codes reported? When you turn the key (not to fire it up) do you hear the fuel pump prime? Has the car had ANY history of petrol in the tank instead of diesel?
  10. Love that! Many times, the newer designs could do with an older body on them, as the older bodies have shape, style and looks about them. The new ones are too.... meh...
  11. 1999 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 quattro

    Diesel.... Go well, don't they!
  12. MK Meet - Weds 5th Sept

    Will see if I can make this one. In the S8.
  13. 1999 Audi A4 Avant 2.8 quattro

    Have you bought a 'sensible' estate or have you gone for some faster?
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yep, buttons and I drive is a better combo, like the Audi MMI. Just an I drive knob and button is too complicated. Although, probably get used to it. The new 8, does it replace the 6 or sit above it, slightly longer, wider and quicker?
  15. RS3 - Saloon!

    I do like those original 8's. More character and individuality about them. You can't mistake the shape for anything else.