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  1. A4 2007 2.0tdi blown intercooler

    Ooops. D'oh!!!
  2. Car wash pain

    And I still don't know how they make money at that price!
  3. Car wash pain

    I can understand that!
  4. A nice Aston Martin (on a low-loader)

    Should get a cam fitted I suppose!!!
  5. A nice Aston Martin (on a low-loader)

    Where's our resident car assembly man when you need him?
  6. Car wash pain

    Maybe the water was frozen. However, using a car wash......... after you worrying about the winter wheels, to then go and use a carwash!!!! I only use the £5 Kosovan hand car wash local job. Or VERY occassionally, if I have helped the bloke out, I get a free wash from the car wash man who visits my work site. He charges £20 for a mini valet - proper wash, wheel wash, hoover and doing the windows inside and out.... (quite a steep price really, but it is down south, captive market and a fully ££££ loaded workforce to fleece!)
  7. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Expect the unexpected. Then enjoy the sliding and the opposite lock!
  8. A nice Aston Martin (on a low-loader)

    OK, it was 16:45, I had just left the office after a lot of rain. On one of the roads, there is a roundabout that is in a big dip. If you want to go up toward Digswell and Welwyn North Station, you HAVE to go through this massive puddle. Way above the nearest curb height. I am sure you can guess what I am going to say...... I think he tried to go through the puddle. And failed. Not sure if it might have flooded the engine as the water probably would have covered his bonnet a fair way.... Poor ****er.
  9. My mate's windscreen

    Yes, he could put it through the screen to get a new one.......
  10. 2014/15 A8 - 4.0 or TDI???

    It has cylinder deactivation and all sorts. I suppose it depends upon how and where it's driven. Perhaps you should go for the 4.2 TDi then. Still has 350 BHP!!!! So won't be a slouch. The 3.0 TDi is pretty fast. I get 40 mpg (calculated) from my 3.0 TDi.
  11. This must sound fantastic!!!!

    2 x V8s in a little boat..... Lexus Boat
  12. My mate's windscreen

    This image ONLY appears on my mate's windscreen when it is frosty. Once defrosted or even wet, the image has gone. Any ideas? And any ideas of how to remove it (other than a new windscreen!!)
  13. 2014/15 A8 - 4.0 or TDI???

    Hey!!! Good choice of wagon sir! I am on my 4th A8. My 2nd A8, was a 54 reg, 3.0TDi (older tech engine - no DPF), bought in 2012 with 176K. After changing the gearbox fluid (first thing I do with a higher mileage car) I sold it on after 3 yrs (or no issues) at 276K miles. As I do about 30+K a year too. Lovely smooth, quite quick and very comfy. Just regular servicing at about 20K miles. My first A8, a 1997 4.2 V8 petrol got upto 200K without issue before moving it on. My current A8 is a 2012, 3.0Tdi. Picked it up in December 2016, 95K miles. I toyed between this engine and the 4.2 TDi, but the 4.2TDi I drove didn't do it for me. Not sure if it was the car or the multitude of settings, but I opted for the 3.0 instead. Plenty of things to play and change. Plenty of go, utterly quiet cruising - and so far, no issues! I would say though, find one with the Comfort seats. In the Autotrader ads, the comfort Seats are the ones that DO NOT look like bench covers. They look like proper sporty seats. More adjustability with the side cushions able to pump up/move too! Get the Bose sound too, but it is VERY easy to go spec blind and miss something! (I missed the Bose after looking at so many in Autotrader) Personally, I did not want silver, so ended up with grey. Black is OK, but seems very common. You get a choice of 18/19/20/21" wheels. I have 19"s. A good compromise. The 4.2 I drove was on 18", with fat profiles, so I think that added to the wafty floaty feeling along with the suspension on Comfort mode. I drive with the suspension in Dynamic. Much better - tighter. Post up some of the cars you are thinking of and I'll try to give you some pointers. Good luck and take your time! Although in saying that, I missed out on a cheaper 4.2 TDi with 19"s and rear seat heating and BOSE blah blah blah - oh well.
  14. Frustratingly unresponsive throttle on my 3.0 TDi

    Sorry - I lied. Engine/gearbox is in Auto mode. Not Dynamic nor Comfort. The rest of the items are in Dynamic mode.
  15. Frustratingly unresponsive throttle on my 3.0 TDi

    Hey Wordsman! I too have just got behind the wheel of a D4 3.0 TDi 2012, (although yours is a D5/2016) having changed from a D3 4.2 petrol/lpg. I have mine set on Individual, and have the engine & gearbox in Dynamic mode. As with the steering and suspension. I find even in D, the car is VERY responsive. In S, the thing flies - much quicker than the D3. The engine is a massive improvement from the earlier D3 3.0 TDi I had before that Try adjusting the settings in Individual Mode. I know I really didn't like the suspension in Comfort mode. Nor the Steering in Comfort mode. You will love it after a while.