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  1. Germany Could Slap Foreign Cars With Road Tolls

    Tourist Tariffs by any other name.
  2. Carwash Spots

    That is a lovely Rover. I love the P5. Always reminds me of the 79 election with Maggie getting out of it when she got to Downing St. I think they had those old Rovers for ages.
  3. Too many to choose!!!! Anything from the Mulsanne or S8 or the Quattroporte from TDK's post! I'll be back once I have chosen. Maybe
  4. Smart electric car charging

    You really couldn't make this up! Can I charge my car up now? No.
  5. Football results today

    Thing is, I bet all Prem club supporters want LCFC to do well! You cannot NOT like them really.
  6. Carwash Spots

    Did a certain Mr Daley get out? Resplendent in his sheepskin coat?
  7. Why is diesel now so evil?

    There is of course only one way to find out,.......... (I recommend a rental car to try it on)
  8. Carwash Spots

    Here is a spot from my own carwash that I get to watch over. (well, for the next 12 weeks anyway) A proper red!!! Love the colour, once it was washed, made a massive difference. If only A8 buyers had the balls to be bold in their colour choices. (no commensts please)
  9. Why do my wheels do this?

    I'd recommend a new tyre. That one looks a bit flat. Have all 4 of your wheels got that dot or just that one? Small magnet in the wheel for some sort of calibration? rotation speed,
  10. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Craig Charles - of course destruction is involved. Oh he of the original Robot Wars!!! (and Takeshi's Castle - more destruction of props and scenery!!! )
  11. Why is diesel now so evil?

    flytipping of batteries soon!
  12. New RS5

    Yes, it is called the M27
  13. Only one in the UK? Surely not...... Getting inside is a bit of an anti-climax after walking upto it. On a sunny day, I bet even Stevie Wonder would see that!
  14. New RS5

    Lend it to NNMM, me or Mackem. We'll put some proper miles on it for you! Then it'll be like Mac's old M3. Properly used.
  15. New RS5

    What a choice to have had to make. I feel for you.