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  1. Football results today

    t'is a fickle sport. Poor fecker. (OK, not poor, but you know what I mean) Who's next for the Leciester job?
  2. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Electric cars will be evil soon... once they start running people over becasue you don't hear them coming.....
  3. M135i

    With back box deletes, they are not usually any louder when idle or on a very light throttle. However, get to a motorway on ramp/overtaking and 'oh yes, enjoy the sound'!!!! I had this done on my previous A8 V8, and on start-up, was a good woofle! (Even my mum loved it!), cruising through town - nothing. Slight addiotion of some thrust and out came the yummy V8 goodness for all to enjoy. Especially in the multi-storey up ramp at work VERY addictive. Oh, and the fecking back boxes weigh a ton!!!! Must be about 25 - 30 kg combined!!!!
  4. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Ahhh, Tony - Don't ya just love him!
  5. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Deliveries and black cabs...... How about all those old cars that burn oil like it's going out of fashion?
  6. Why is diesel now so evil?

    It's only because VW got caught cheating. Highlighted a few things that were easy to tax Whereas big power stations that burn cola and oil, blurt out as much 'guff' as millions of cars, but because they are owned by big companies, government don't touch them, nor force them to fit 'filters' etc. Someone needs to bite the bullet and run a CO2 dump to fill up old coal mines/oil wells/gas wells with CO2 from the atmosphere. There are so many simple ways to do this..... but it's easier to tax individuals.
  7. New Mustang

    Yep - was a new model job, with the 2.3 Ecoboost engine. 2 stars..... feck that. Shows the priority the US bods put on safety.
  8. New Mustang

    Didn't look special. Definitely didn't sound special - must have had the 4 cylinder engine. Why? just why would you do that? Why would you buy it if it didn't have the V8?
  9. Windows 10 - major upgrade

    I will probably just install the symantec again. I was just wondering if Defender was as good or better this time round.
  10. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    ahhh, leasing. yeah, I probably wouldn't touch it then. (well, not unless you can stick it back to standard afterwards - like storing an exhaust somewhere!!)
  11. Windows 10 - major upgrade

    I have had Windows 10 for a while now and it's great. However, it has been bugging me to install the latest updates/upgrades, which I tried. It failed each time and after looking into it, I had to uninstall my Symantec anti-virus. done, upgraded fine. I can now see that Win 10's Defender Program might have grown some balls and be upto the job of defending my por...... data (before you all comment). Is this the case or should I install a seperate anti-virus jobbie?
  12. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    The 8 speed in my A8 is fecking smooth! And of course, the interiors are something else. Will you have the exhaust played with to enhance the sound? The supercharged V6 on the previous S5 was quite quiet. I expect the new V6 to be much the same. It'll be a nice muted sound, but..... missing something - like some baritone and bass!
  13. PSA to buy Opel?

    Good god! Imagine the electrical problems........ Also hope PSA keep on the UK workforce. We have all seen/heard of how Ryton disappeared
  14. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    You ordered one, but hadn't driven one..... That is a bit of a risk, isn't it? I cannot comment on the new shape A5, but my mate has a 3.0Tdi Black Edition quattro and it is phenomenal! Fast, and the steering is like a go kart with a small wheel. The ride is a bit too harsh for me though. His gearchanges are smooth with the S-Tronic, so yours should be even better with the old slushbox being fitted instead now.
  15. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    I have just had a look on Autotrader. They are up for about £64K+.... Yeah, yeah, doesn't mean they are selling though.. They are still a lovely shape!