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  1. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    The Volvo name is a hell of a long name for a car. If it's due for replacement, I wouldn't bother, even though it won't affect your lease numbers, it still has the potential to leave you looking a bit peeved when the new one appears. Mate at work a few years back got a new Honda Accord (Rover looking one) company car 2 months later, the new posh Accord appeared. He was funcking gutted!
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Coffee meets monitor moment!
  3. My Grand Tour

    Luckily, the Prague end is Tuesday to Friday. Thanks gents!
  4. My Grand Tour

    In July, I am planning on a 'Grand Tour' of Europe. (of the brothels and whore houses of Europe..... maybe Mr Bangle can advise? - joke!!!!) I have am doing in a Portillo stylie, so doing it by train but without the natty trousers, jackets and no Bradshaws guide. I am Eurostaring to Nancy for a few days. Then onto Innsbruck for 3 nights with some Alp walking. Next is Vienna and finally onto Prague. In Prague, I need to book in some shooting practice as they have many a gun range there. Get my grubby mitts on an Uzi or Glock or Scorpion and a few others. . Just hope they don't swab me for GSR on the way back. Have booked a flight back from Prague on Whizair. I have a friend coming out to meet me in Prague as she wants to see the place too. Other than that, it will just be me. I might book a trip on the Danube from Vienna to Bratislava as a day boat trip. Does anyone have experience of any of these places? Am definitely looking forward to this!!!
  5. Post a pic of your car

    Looks lower and sleeker in blue. I have seen them in white and they are not good.
  6. Taxi!!!!

    New ones too! UK built new taxis And with more stringent emissions laws, the new taxis will hopefully be a big success. Quieter and also a better ride....
  7. The £99K Mini.

    Ummm, f*ck right off. You must be having a laugh! Remastered Mini Where is the smillie of 'a chin hitting the floor'?
  8. Insurance quote

    Not even the Bank of M&D would stretch that far in most cases! Most of those quotes are more expensive than a mortgage!
  9. School trip dilemma

    Fair enough when you have some many kids to look after like that. As a family trip, I would still go. But as it is a school trip - fair decision.
  10. Maserati

    Personally, not a fan, but I would willingly have a Gran Turismo or the Ghibli. If their residuals are staying up, then I suppose the Levante's should too? Where's Booster with the figures!? Alfa have their SUV out soon too. Cannot remember what it is called, but journos have been driving them.
  11. A8 (D4 4H) MMI 3G Upgrade

    Although, in me saying that, I have yet to load any CDs into it. And just have songs on an SD card.
  12. A8 (D4 4H) MMI 3G Upgrade

    Can you upload your hard disc content into the juke box hard disc in the car?
  13. MK Meet - Weds 7th June

    Sorry Geezer! Should be able to make the August meeting... (Unless I get a job and cannot as it's miles away!)
  14. Alfa Guilia

    Saw on of these the other day. Damn - it looked good! Wasn't even the Quadrafolgiagofasterbastard model. Nice one Alfa!
  15. Just as holiday season starts... Nasty!