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  1. MOTs in older cars

    The Government MOT checking website is a boon! Checking on old cars for daughter number 2 and it I see amazing how many smaller cars have failed once they get to 3 yrs old!! Some have failed every year for 6 yrs! And the cars are only 9 yrs old!!!! Naturally, we can ignore headlamp, indicator, bumper light type failures, can ignore the windscreen wiper smearing type issues too, but many have suspension failures, so I would presume people are launching themselves on road humps!! Or straddling the smaller humps. Many have emission issues too. It is a good site to check for common issues for the same type of vehicle.
  2. MOTs in older cars

    Does that mean it's been crashed and is sitting in a Copart compound somewhere?
  3. New Audi A8 owner

    Hello.... We have loads of info on the 2000 A8 in the A8 forum area in the Audi section. Lots of stuff about getting your gearbox oil changed to cam belt changes to the RNS stuff, wheels, exhausts etc etc. Happy reading!
  4. Football results today

    Poor Man City... Aguero in searing form, and usually he would injure himself on the field, about now. However, this time he has injured himself in a car crash! We'll see how the City squad respond. It's not as if they are short of talent.....
  5. M2 or Macan

    What engine in the Macan? Have heard the V6 petrol in the Macan and it sounds divine!!! Slightly more so than the BMW. But it is a close run thing....
  6. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    I get the impression people don't care and will continue to use them. People ignored the VW diesel scandal, the lack of taxes paid by big companies, Tesco over stating their profits and seemingly squeezing their suppliers etc, so I don't think this will have too much effect.
  7. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    Oh!! When does come into effect? Would,imagine black cab drivers will be ready to celebrate. Maybe better vetting of the drivers, as you hear a lot of negative stuff about more of them, than other taxi service drivers.
  8. How to get rid of cold callers

    My mate has bought some air horns for cold callers on the phone.....
  9. Riz - Have Tissues Handy...

    Wow!! That will be better, as they say not going down the AMG 45 / Mitsubishi Evo route and a highly strung 4 pot, but getting the 5 cylinder 2.5. Will look forward to more harmonious sounds from future Golfs.
  10. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    Are you still on here? I took the plunge and bought an S8. Love it!! 2008 model, 90k miles, Daytona Grey (with dark wood interior.....), black leather blah blah oh, adaptive cruise too. Performance is phenomenal! It has had the engine flaps removed and mapping to register that. It is a bit lumpy when starting from properly cold, but after the first 30 seconds or so, all settles down. Smooth as and rides very well! You are a bad influence!!! Yes, I am blaming you....
  11. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    If I cut them up enough, I can probably fit 4 or 5 in the boot.
  12. Wow

    And most of them are foreign....
  13. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    Spoke (email, as his email was on all the Audi invoices) to one of the previous owners, he now has a D4 S8. He drives it to the Alps once or twice a year, and is now using 2 less tanks of fuel to do the same trip than in 'my' S8. I think the D4 might have a 2 gallon fuel tank size advantage
  14. Bugatti Chiron

    Yes, I must stop visiting brothels. Errrr, oh the car tyres. Ooops. However, if some tyres can grip and flex enough to make that Charger lift it's front wheels on launch........
  15. New £29m circuit in Northern Ireland gets go-ahead

    12 days racing a year? Presume they expect to make money on that? Although local hotels and cafes would have been VERY happy for more racing.
  16. I read about the RBR switch to Honda yesterday. Wonder what or if Honda have anything up their sleeve for next year.... I suspect Christian Horner's knees and feet will be double tapping faster than Brucie's ever did in his prime at the trackside monitors next year.
  17. Mercedes-AMG Project One

    Makes a decent sound!! Looks good too.
  18. Bugatti Chiron

    Love these Bugattis!!!!
  19. The £1k mobile phone

    Admittedly, it is a bloody good business plan. This will grow their business (cash pile) by some way, and as above, will keep more people in the Apple fold. Kerching!!!!! Not too much competition really, since Nokia/MS fecked up, Samsung fecked up and Blackberry stood watching their market get eaten.
  20. The new TVR Griffith

    No, but he did go swimming at Snetterton race track. Well, it looked like it, as it was posing down so much!!!
  21. Honda EV Concept

    I don't like the front sofa set ups in any car. However, I doubt and hope that bit will not see production.
  22. Honda EV Concept

    Funky wagon!!!! I quite like it, however it is a concept.....
  23. The £1k mobile phone

    For the first time since I have had a mobile, I have NOT upgraded when the contract has ended. I have just changed to effectively a SIM only deal with the same provider so lots of data. My old Windows phone does everything I want, nothing else grabs my attention, nothing else I think is as easy (although I would get used to to a new device), but I'd be upgrading for upgrading sake. Which reminds me, I need to get my bank card on the phone, now I have a new card! It keeps bleeping when the phone is unlocked and is touching the card.
  24. The new TVR Griffith

    Bloody hell!!! That does look rather good!!! Damn sweet and in that colour, makes a great launch colour! Needs to make the typical, distinctive TVR grunt sound from that V8 and I am sure it will. How the hell do they get the exhausts to exit there and pass the required EU sound regs? Driver aides.... I think it might need some as most people these days are pretty used to them and will not know how or what to do without them!!!
  25. MK Meet - Weds 6th Sept

    1. Ian_C2. jamrowls3. Greg4. Richard5. Nik6.John 7. Jo (hopefully!)