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  1. S8 V10

    I took one out for a drive..... Wow!!! Quite fierce!! Have to be very soft on the throttle on take off! Sounded very muted. In fact, the ride felt better than mine at the moment!!! Seriously considering one now... Not sure if I'd miss any of the newer tech on the D4. Maybe, but there is probably a lot I don't use.... Will see!!!
  2. Pile up on the M65 in heavy fog

    Don't know what that fool in the white Merc was doing at that speed in the fog. Utter fool. Surprised it took the camera car so long to move to the hard shoulder and verge. Even the lorry got a smack as it shunts forward a bit. Very poor standards of driving all round.
  3. Young persons' car insurance

    Daughter number 2 is learning to drive. She is looking at cars too. We went to Peterborough BCA auctions as they had Polos, Mazda 2, Swifts, Mini Ones, Corsa and Civics. Now back home, she is looking at insurance.... GULP!!! So that is the Civic, Mazda 1and Golf ruled out. She does not want a black box, but is likely to go down the Pass Plus route and have a dashcam (as that seems to be an option on some to reduce the cost). My question is.... Is it possible that I can be the main driver on her car and have her as the named driver? Even though I have my own insurance for my car, is it possible and would it better for her? What would happen if she has an accident, would it affect my renewal cost next time round? Would it make her insurance the following year much cheaper instead of her being the main driver in the first place and (barring any accidents) get a years no claims?
  4. S8 V10

    Thought so!
  5. S8 V10

    Yep, that was part of the reason. A big tick. The only other cars I 'want', I would need a lottery win to buy. The S8 is for me, the ultimate. If I bought an 750i or a CL65 (2003/4), then I would still be looking at S8s.
  6. New pants please

    When the tail wags the dog.
  7. S8 V10

    Yep!!! None food shopping will be done on foot! (I am only 15 min from city centre anyway, and I never drove in unless it was pissing down or I intended to buy some heavy/bulky items)
  8. S8 V10

    Got one. I tried to stop it, but couldn't! 08 plate, with just over 90k miles on it. So far so good... Nothing has broken. Goes very well and sounds awesome. Nothing rattles or shakes. Gear changes are smooth. It is in Daytona Grey, but has the dark wood trim for some reason... adaptive cruise, fingerprint reading bollox, solar roof, power boot blah blah All the ones I looked at needed new rear pads, as the electric handbrake seems to eat the rear pads PDQ, this one was no exception. So did that as I do like working on cars. Getting my hands dirty. Let's not talk about mpg.. As the gauge seemingly moves overnight, so I suspect someone takes it for a spin each night. This will make sure I get a local job. If I still had the diesel, I'd be inclined to pursue jobs miles away again, so this will stop me. . Will take some sideways on photos.
  9. The Stamford Car Show

    Went to the 14th annual car show on The Meadow today. They had the usual suspects at the show, plenty of old English cars, the odd E-Type, plenty of XJSs (love them!!), just the one BMW 635 CSI, many Ferraris, the 2 Maseratis, etc. A Merc forum group turned up too, there was a fantastic old Merc Coupe with newer internals like a straight six turbo, 5 spd auto box and slammed, but looked damn fine. In another area were these 2. Beauty and the Beast.... Why does this forum twist my pictures?
  10. The Stamford Car Show

    I can think of many nicer things to be perverse over... It is a shame the Ashby Foleville classic car show finished five or so years back.
  11. The Stamford Car Show

    Yep, there were 2 of those Citroens I think. Quite why, I will never know. Of all the Citroens they could have had!!!!
  12. Young persons' car insurance

    We all have to be sitting down over here when we get a new quote or renewal letter through.
  13. MK Meet - Weds 6th Sept

    I'll certainly try to get to this one!
  14. Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web

    There is the original 'silk road' from back in the days of camels and Mongol raiders and invaders. And then the new version where you can buy ....whatever you want once ordered and paid for.
  15. Carwash Spots

    Love that Stag! I have always liked them, the sound, the look. Fantastic!
  16. Anyone tried hypnosis

    As they say, if you aren't nervous giving a presentation, then you don't care. I am a bag of nerves doing these, until I get started. That helps to settle me - to a point. But still nervous until the end. The back of my head feels like it is going to burst, like eating a spoon of mustard before hand!! As long as you know your subject, that helps a lot! Hypnotism, not a clue, sorry.
  17. Audi Naming System

    Weird getup!!!
  18. Great Wall to buy Fiat?

    DJP will be happy..... N American 'jewel' to be sold to China? Did Fiat over reach for Chrysler? I know many a U.K. (Euro) firm has bought a US firm, only to find it was not quite what they hoped. I can see DJT stopping it somehow, anyhow!!!
  19. MOTs in older cars

    And you can't hide them by straightening the wheel!
  20. MOTs in older cars

    There were in fact quite a few that had failures due to tyres being down to the threads or metals braids. Even walking down the road, if a tyre I see sticking out where the driver has left the wheel turned, I glance at the thread. The amount that are bald or at least well below the limit is surprising!!! And I am not just talking about older or cheaper looking cars, many BMW/Audi and Mercs etc are amongst this lot.
  21. Young persons' car insurance

    As a laugh, I got her to get quotes on other cars. A 1.4 mk 4 or 5 Golf was over £3k. Yet a newer A1 was £2.1k Even the i10 was over £1800. The Swift (07 plated 1.5 model) and (IIRC) the Corsa 1.2 were best at £1400 or thereabouts. So far. Will get her to check the 1.0 Corsa and the smaller engined Swift.
  22. Young persons' car insurance

    We will check out the black box stuff again, as each company has different parameters for box use. Cheaper premiums for newer cars? I was trying to figure out some sort of correlation between the premiums and will definitely look into this one. The cars are all cheap compared to the premiums. But then again, we knew that. ☹️
  23. Young persons' car insurance

    We are going on running costs. She mentions the car and I tell her if it's reliable or not! She knows what she likes and doesn't like, which helps a lot. Still, she needs to pass her theory and practical tests first!
  24. Young persons' car insurance

    Thank you folks. I'll offer maintenance, servicing and money. Test drives and advice etc etc
  25. Young persons' car insurance

    Fronting... I am not Pharrell.... OK, will knock that in the head. It seems a few of the insurance companies review the driving every 3 or 4 months. Seems quite reasonable! She is not keen on the black box, although there are some that say they don't use the boxes full capabilities, but just certain parameters it can offer. That is another thing to check.