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  1. The beast is thirsty

    I know how you feel on the old petrol bit! Expensive business this - driving a 4.2 V8. Got to put the ballet shoes on to drive now - boots are way to heavy! As you say, some towelhead (is this allowed?) shows a gun to a jounalist in Arabia, the jounalist reports that 200 terrorists showed him plans to attack the biggest oil well/refinery in Arabia, the funny suited ignorant muppets on the international oil market read the story and start buying for Christmas - price goes up. They then worry about supply for now, and buy more! What a lovely world we live in. All they need to do is set the oil price in stone - simple - market stabiltiy. Sorry to go on - but it is not right - and then this theiving government take their 77% (all poloitical parties are the same, so I am not an activist of any party.) Time to get off my soap box!
  2. New Tyres

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have an A8 4.2 Q Sport 1997, 5 spd tip, in cashmere. 188K miles too! However, I have 4 P6000 (245/45/18s) on it, they seem OK and seem to be lasting the distance, a mix (90/10) of cruising and 'enthusiastic' driving. I have just bought 2 brand new P Zero Rosso's on eBay for £230 - for when the P6000 need replacing. Forthought as this will be expensive! mytyres does look good on price. Regards