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  1. When you removed the old screen, did you power it up at all?  Did anything appear on it?

    Have you got VAG-Com to plug into the car and do some tests, check for error codes etc?


    With regard the rest, with my S8 (same V10), one of the previous owners removed the silly little engine flaps in the inlet manifold to avoid future problems.  And he got it coded to cater for it too.

    Fuel rail pumps - very rare for them to go.  Again, check VAG-Com for error codes on it (it can check the parking sensors too).  One thing though, I always used Shell petrol in it, no supermarket, Esso, Total etc stuff was used, so might be worth putting in soem Miller's fuel additive see if that clears stuff and a new fuel filter.


    Hope that helps?

  2. Mean dad!


    My A8 has the anti-collision (front) thing and it brakes for you after flashing up on the dash, if it thinks you are getting too close.  I found out as someone was going right at some lights, I was going  left and my car 'thought' I was a bit too close and braked a bit until they were out of scope and let the brakes off.

    Nice touch!


    Maybe Romain Grosjean can try out the anti-collision stuff first...

  3. I have just had a look at the F10 and newer model on Wiki - but I didn't get to check the interior of the newer one (F90?).  The F10 looks fine though. +++

    Losing that horrid 'dispaly pod' thing for the i-drive screen in the V10 M5.  It looks properly integrated now.

    Three power output choices!  Man!!!

    Red one sir?

  4. 4wd cannot make up for stupidity.  Like hanging on to the car as it slides down a hill... or thinking of getting out of the moving car and into the direction it which it is travelling.... :roflmao:

    A bit like curling... hit one, and it scoots off on it's own.  Oh, and then trying to stop a 2 tonne lump of metal sliding down hill on snow, by hanging on to it?  Really?  :rolleyes:

  5. It has gone. :(

    My days of horizon chasing to a background of sweet revving V10 goodness are over.  I doubt they will come back. :(.  Still, 17 months of (expense) and smiles and V10 and Warp factoring and mmmm!!!!

    Downside was that it was drinking me out of house and home.  A few thnings were showing up and would have to be addressed But, it had to be done.

    Instead, I am in (another) V6 diesel A8.  I thought about the V8 TDi with it's torque wave, but will probably get that next time round. (how ever long or short that may be).

    Completely different animal.  Needs a prod to get going - but goes well.  Whereas the S8 only needed a feather resting on the throttle and up came 80+.  Damn sharp response!


  6. On 15/01/2019 at 2:31 PM, cruiser647 said:

    Cash for crash!

    As there is no 'visible' reason for the car infront of the caravan to stop so suddenly.

    The car driver could not see the lorry behind the caravan, so might well have thought it was just the caravan and some easy cash....  Ooops!

  7. On 20/12/2018 at 2:35 AM, Rachel said:

    The car got a gold star on VISUAL inspection (he bought it in Sydney).  It was 2 weeks after he drove it home to Canberra that it went "pffffftt..."

    It is sad when things like that happen.  Bought in good faith etc.

    If they were tyres, they'd have replaced them straight away, as you can see them with cracking along the edges.  Shows how storage can ruin a car.

  8. On 12/12/2018 at 3:36 AM, Rachel said:

    Yep.  A colleague here got his hands on a 2005 AMG CLS55 - and in a wek had the airsuspension crap out due to a compressor failure...   Then a month later due to the front struts losing air (the car had apparenrtly sat for 4-5 years and not been run).

    It wasn't cheap for him to fix.

    Yep!  Need to know where to go.

    But 4-5 yrs of nothing won't have been kind on the rubber bags and pipe work.... And the piston ring in the compressor would have formed a nice ridge in it's cylinder.

    Did he factor that in on the price? (no, didn't think so).


  9. On 26/11/2018 at 3:26 AM, Rachel said:

    So what did your VAG man actually end up replacing?

    The pump (which was properly FUBAR'ed!), the pump fuse and the relay (the relay is the part that dies - stuck ON, to the pump just runs itself to death and the car then goes into JACKING MODE where the air bags stiffen to avoid damage)

    Front and rear upper suspension bushes (front)

    Brake Fluid change.


    Mercs, Range Rovers use the same pump....

  10. Sounds like you have badly soldered joints somewhere along the the cable from screen to MMI unit.

    You could always try reseating the cables IF you don't have to remove it.  Just to try that first.

    Then get the unit.


    If you fibre optics, then it will need coding.