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  1. Audi A8 tyre size issue

    You might be better off changing the wheels to 19". Apparently, that is the best compromise between ride and 'looks'. Also, check if the previous owner has lowered the car via the air suspension. As it can be lowered by upto 20 mm I think on all settings. You will need the diagnostics tool for it though. If you have normal Audi 19" wheels on the car, the tyres become 255/45 19 or 245/40 19 I think? My S8 runs on 265/35 20 but has a slightly different suspension geometry to the non S models. As a result the ride is great in auto.
  2. New Wheels and Tyres, wrong size warning!!

    Why such a change?
  3. On the A1 today, I saw.....

    An RS6 new one. Which was nice. However, it was being followed by a red and white Porsche on Arab plates. The rear wings were red and the centre section was white. I looked at it and thought WTF sort of Porsche is that, until I noticed the massive high exhausts mounted high behind the drivers.... oh, that'll be 918 then. Shame it was just cruising. But, looked mighty fine!! No pics, sorry!
  4. WTF a decked Allegro

    I think a fast lead suppository would work best....
  5. 0-60 in 1.9 secs

    Can't be bothered to read the blurb, but how long to charge the car up? does it come with free neck braces?
  6. As impressive as it is, the car sounds very agricultural...... at all speeds. Love the slow build up, no need to burn rubber on a small runway to get close. They have big long roads out there!
  7. 'unauthorised' itunes app purchases

    I get the impression they are probably used to it and have to respond. Much like the Euro roaming charges when people were caught out and watchdog type people got involved. Well done!!
  8. Injection prices

    Trying to book in is a bloody awful affair.
  9. Injection prices

    Backpacking and camping. My eldest? Straight to a resort and wondering around there and the beach, bit of site seeing too, but defo no trekking. I will get to to look at the website thanks Burble! Trying to get an appointment which suits her is impossible by all accounts, so hence the Boots consultation. Thank you all!!
  10. Injection prices

    My eldest is off to Thailand in January. Does anyone know the prices of typical injections she'll need? As Boots have her booked in, but won't tell her how much they are????? Until her consultation. She can leave if they are an extionate amount, but she might as well be prepared. Thanks!
  11. New pants please

    P1 batteries.... as supplied by Samsung and Boeing........
  12. New Audi A7 rear lights

    Looks OK! Not so sure about the Knight Rider rear lights!!! Maybe a bit too far. Does the A8 have them? Just have to figure out the new naming convention!
  13. Football results today

    Ok, so maybe Aguero isn't needed.....
  14. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    This fate probably awaits SK when he gets older..... Poor old bugger!! Sad people vandalising the car. Looks like CCTV will be needed.
  15. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    What have I missed?