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  1. Audi A8 tyre size issue

    You might be better off changing the wheels to 19". Apparently, that is the best compromise between ride and 'looks'. Also, check if the previous owner has lowered the car via the air suspension. As it can be lowered by upto 20 mm I think on all settings. You will need the diagnostics tool for it though. If you have normal Audi 19" wheels on the car, the tyres become 255/45 19 or 245/40 19 I think? My S8 runs on 265/35 20 but has a slightly different suspension geometry to the non S models. As a result the ride is great in auto.
  2. New Wheels and Tyres, wrong size warning!!

    Why such a change?
  3. On the A1 today, I saw.....

    An RS6 new one. Which was nice. However, it was being followed by a red and white Porsche on Arab plates. The rear wings were red and the centre section was white. I looked at it and thought WTF sort of Porsche is that, until I noticed the massive high exhausts mounted high behind the drivers.... oh, that'll be 918 then. Shame it was just cruising. But, looked mighty fine!! No pics, sorry!
  4. WTF a decked Allegro

    I think a fast lead suppository would work best....
  5. 0-60 in 1.9 secs

    Can't be bothered to read the blurb, but how long to charge the car up? does it come with free neck braces?
  6. As impressive as it is, the car sounds very agricultural...... at all speeds. Love the slow build up, no need to burn rubber on a small runway to get close. They have big long roads out there!
  7. 'unauthorised' itunes app purchases

    I get the impression they are probably used to it and have to respond. Much like the Euro roaming charges when people were caught out and watchdog type people got involved. Well done!!
  8. Injection prices

    My eldest is off to Thailand in January. Does anyone know the prices of typical injections she'll need? As Boots have her booked in, but won't tell her how much they are????? Until her consultation. She can leave if they are an extionate amount, but she might as well be prepared. Thanks!
  9. Injection prices

    Trying to book in is a bloody awful affair.
  10. Injection prices

    Backpacking and camping. My eldest? Straight to a resort and wondering around there and the beach, bit of site seeing too, but defo no trekking. I will get to to look at the website thanks Burble! Trying to get an appointment which suits her is impossible by all accounts, so hence the Boots consultation. Thank you all!!
  11. New pants please

    P1 batteries.... as supplied by Samsung and Boeing........
  12. New Audi A7 rear lights

    Looks OK! Not so sure about the Knight Rider rear lights!!! Maybe a bit too far. Does the A8 have them? Just have to figure out the new naming convention!
  13. Football results today

    Ok, so maybe Aguero isn't needed.....
  14. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    This fate probably awaits SK when he gets older..... Poor old bugger!! Sad people vandalising the car. Looks like CCTV will be needed.
  15. Well, it still makes me smile when I start it up. The previous (one of) owner had the engine flaps removed from the intake, as these are a PITA and can break very easily from my research beforehand. He also had it remapped to take that into account. Not sure if it has meant anything else in terms of power though. The difference I have found, and they mentioned this in the ad, is that the engine is very lumpy when starting when cold, for the first 30 seconds or so. Once the secondary air pump stops, then the engine is smooth. Gearbox is smooth, the ride is fantastic on the 20's with the suspension in auto. Hardly any cornering lean and if in Dynamic mode (lowers suspension by 10-20 mm) then it is possibly a wee bit too hard on normal roads unless pressing on on a country lane. . I remember the S6 got slated for not having air suspension and I can understand why. It would be way too hard for many in normal use. Back to the engine.... the sound it makes is intoxicating, even small throttle increases make it sing. It doesn't burble as such, but you can hear something very different in it. Bloody quiet when off throttle and when cruising. However, just the one niggle - the gearing is very low for such a fast car. Just shy of 30 mph per 1000. Not a problem, as the engine is quiet at motorway speeds with just a hint of sound. You lot will laugh at this, but I have not needed to use Sport mode yet, the thing flies if you only half floor it! Adaptive Cruise is damn good with different 'Audi driver tailgating' settings. MPG - on a cruise including motorway, A & B road with traffic and the odd overtake, gave me 22 mpg using the brim to brim technique. I am still playing with the settings as it has the fingerprint recognition start (or I can use the key). And for some reason, the previous owner had turned off the Main Beam in the MMI... which I found out at night down a lane. Any regrets? Only that I am gathering too many Shell points. But I did get a free drink flask thing from Shell after filling with V Power. Would I buy another one? Yes.
  16. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    What have I missed?
  17. Football results today

    7th? Since 2015? Didn't realise that. The media are too busy with Watford, Palace and Leeds manager roundabouts.
  18. You could be getting moisture in on the contacts in the rear light cluster. Causing poor connection and increasing the resistance making the car register different values. My mate's 57 plate A6 Le Mans had the light issues. He cleaned the connectors and it was OK. But had to keep doing it. one of the moisture seals might be poor.... Hope that helps.
  19. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    Very happy camper!!
  20. New pants please

    That is a very streamlined A3. That Indian lad on the Pug advert would be proud. Maybe the driver thought that straight would stay straight for the next 200 miles?
  21. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    I drove down to Cornwall, 315 odd miles. On a Monday. I went from Peterborough to Northampton to Oxford to Burford to Cirencester and Tetbury to the M4, the M5 and the A30. Took about 5 hours and a stop, no traffic!!! filled the car up, and have just filled it again. 25 mpg.... was a gentle cruise along the lovely A & B roads to the M4, but quite impressive mpg... I drove through the most fantastic Oxfordshire/Cotswolds village of Bibury. Wow!!! Lots of coaches of Chinese tourists and Chinese tourists with cameras wondering around clicking! Tetbury is pretty damn quaint too. If you can, drive through Bibury.
  22. I quite like the look of the egg. But the sound isn't a patch on the Chiron. Bloody impressive linear acceleration graph !!!!
  23. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Jesus... Poor feckers... must be gutted. Hope you paid for your flights on a credit card Mr Booster... Shame Monarxh couldn't get the full benefit of RA's woes. Although, that would only be temporary. Have EasyJet, Wizz et al put their prices up in the routes where RA have cancelled flights?
  24. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    They didn't manage to turn the business around then. At least the pilots will have options.... Ryanair will be able to grab good and well trained pilots!
  25. MOTs in older cars

    The Government MOT checking website is a boon! Checking on old cars for daughter number 2 and it I see amazing how many smaller cars have failed once they get to 3 yrs old!! Some have failed every year for 6 yrs! And the cars are only 9 yrs old!!!! Naturally, we can ignore headlamp, indicator, bumper light type failures, can ignore the windscreen wiper smearing type issues too, but many have suspension failures, so I would presume people are launching themselves on road humps!! Or straddling the smaller humps. Many have emission issues too. It is a good site to check for common issues for the same type of vehicle.