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  1. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Oooh, won't be an estate though? If bothered...
  2. In which case, I'd have a '68 Lincoln with Audi style modern inerds please, but a big chuffing Yank V8 to keep the character.
  3. New pants please

    4wd cannot make up for stupidity. Like hanging on to the car as it slides down a hill... or thinking of getting out of the moving car and into the direction it which it is travelling.... A bit like curling... hit one, and it scoots off on it's own. Oh, and then trying to stop a 2 tonne lump of metal sliding down hill on snow, by hanging on to it? Really?
  4. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    And?????? Well? Did you do it????
  5. Possibly about to do something stupid again...?

    Ooooh!!! A proper Thunder Wagon! Just 2 words for you sir... 'Do it!'. Many red ones about? Or should that be, any red ones about?
  6. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    That does look good! What happened to the wing vents though?
  7. Well, it still makes me smile when I start it up. The previous (one of) owner had the engine flaps removed from the intake, as these are a PITA and can break very easily from my research beforehand. He also had it remapped to take that into account. Not sure if it has meant anything else in terms of power though. The difference I have found, and they mentioned this in the ad, is that the engine is very lumpy when starting when cold, for the first 30 seconds or so. Once the secondary air pump stops, then the engine is smooth. Gearbox is smooth, the ride is fantastic on the 20's with the suspension in auto. Hardly any cornering lean and if in Dynamic mode (lowers suspension by 10-20 mm) then it is possibly a wee bit too hard on normal roads unless pressing on on a country lane. . I remember the S6 got slated for not having air suspension and I can understand why. It would be way too hard for many in normal use. Back to the engine.... the sound it makes is intoxicating, even small throttle increases make it sing. It doesn't burble as such, but you can hear something very different in it. Bloody quiet when off throttle and when cruising. However, just the one niggle - the gearing is very low for such a fast car. Just shy of 30 mph per 1000. Not a problem, as the engine is quiet at motorway speeds with just a hint of sound. You lot will laugh at this, but I have not needed to use Sport mode yet, the thing flies if you only half floor it! Adaptive Cruise is damn good with different 'Audi driver tailgating' settings. MPG - on a cruise including motorway, A & B road with traffic and the odd overtake, gave me 22 mpg using the brim to brim technique. I am still playing with the settings as it has the fingerprint recognition start (or I can use the key). And for some reason, the previous owner had turned off the Main Beam in the MMI... which I found out at night down a lane. Any regrets? Only that I am gathering too many Shell points. But I did get a free drink flask thing from Shell after filling with V Power. Would I buy another one? Yes.
  8. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    It has gone. My days of horizon chasing to a background of sweet revving V10 goodness are over. I doubt they will come back. . Still, 17 months of (expense) and smiles and V10 and Warp factoring and mmmm!!!! Downside was that it was drinking me out of house and home. A few thnings were showing up and would have to be addressed But, it had to be done. Instead, I am in (another) V6 diesel A8. I thought about the V8 TDi with it's torque wave, but will probably get that next time round. (how ever long or short that may be). Completely different animal. Needs a prod to get going - but goes well. Whereas the S8 only needed a feather resting on the throttle and up came 80+. Damn sharp response!
  9. New pants please

    As there is no 'visible' reason for the car infront of the caravan to stop so suddenly. The car driver could not see the lorry behind the caravan, so might well have thought it was just the caravan and some easy cash.... Ooops!
  10. New pants please

    Cash for crash!
  11. Tyre pressure system fault - a1

    Do you have the VAG-Com set up? Or.. has she had any punctures and/or tyre changes?
  12. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    It is sad when things like that happen. Bought in good faith etc. If they were tyres, they'd have replaced them straight away, as you can see them with cracking along the edges. Shows how storage can ruin a car.
  13. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    And... Try these search links. A6 Allroad Pointer to where the sensor is... (maybe!!)
  14. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    Looks in fine nick though!!!
  15. Air con G65 pressure sensor

    Hi! Before you do that, can you hear/see the air conditioner pulley switch over when you ask it to use the air con? You can usually hear a click and the engine note changes as the load on it increases.
  16. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    Yep! Need to know where to go. But 4-5 yrs of nothing won't have been kind on the rubber bags and pipe work.... And the piston ring in the compressor would have formed a nice ridge in it's cylinder. Did he factor that in on the price? (no, didn't think so).
  17. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    The pump (which was properly FUBAR'ed!), the pump fuse and the relay (the relay is the part that dies - stuck ON, to the pump just runs itself to death and the car then goes into JACKING MODE where the air bags stiffen to avoid damage) Front and rear upper suspension bushes (front) Brake Fluid change. Mercs, Range Rovers use the same pump....
  18. 2007 S6 MMI screen failed?

    Sounds like you have badly soldered joints somewhere along the the cable from screen to MMI unit. You could always try reseating the cables IF you don't have to remove it. Just to try that first. Then get the unit. If you fibre optics, then it will need coding.
  19. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    Just had the first major (non-service) work done on my S8. The suspension pump gave up the ghost, so I was stuck in low, rock hard suspension. So, that is how a 'bad boy' Nova driver feels..... bloody uncomfortable! I drove down to Welwyn and my old VAG man to sort it and a few other bits and pieces (some suspension bushes and brake fluid) as my local Audi dealer wanted over £2K just to do the pump. I got a lovely Nissan Note (auto) as a courtesy car. Seemed OK, sat at 60-70 fine, very economical too. (but then again, most things are compared to a V10) Car back after 2 days, as they had to order some extra pipes. Feels good to have some suspension give.
  20. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Yeah, good luck with the pump timing!
  21. A few from the village car show

    And a proper Aston Martin too!!
  22. New pants please

    He rode off like that? Jesus!!!!
  23. New pants please

    Did he hurt himself? As riding into the bike place could hurt.... That bloke must have been trying to do a few stunts!
  24. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Ah, well done. How do you plan on removing the rest of the centre bolt?
  25. Engine stopped suddenly - please help (2)

    Hi, I don't think the engine mountings will affect the car starting. They are usually designed to counter vibration. Even utterly knackered ones shouldn't stop an engine from starting. The 01376 issue is a more important one, but did you only use VAG-Com on the engine? Were there any other codes reported? When you turn the key (not to fire it up) do you hear the fuel pump prime? Has the car had ANY history of petrol in the tank instead of diesel?