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  1. Blinder m-06HP laser jammer ???

    you want to look at the new Blinder M27 / M47 range thats just been released its the unit you want to be considering as you can update it yourself and down load extra features if you travel into europe. it also has the latest parking features please see more features below: The New 2009 Blinder range has the following new features: The M27 & M47 comes with a more powerful platform based on a new central CPU that controls user settings, software updates, synchronization of all transponders and communications. Improved detection and jamming function (hardware & Software) PC software updateable (via USB port on the CPU module) The Blinder Update Software also allows the user to change system settings like upstart behaviours, jamming period and more. Free software downloads from Blinder website (Including e-mail service) Multi-function System (user can easy select modes: parking sensor or garage door opener/jamming mode by a new 3-postion switch) Blinder M27 & Blinder M47 X-TREME Park Assist and Laser Protection - Laser Jammer
  2. i have just got stocks of the new TomTom Live range just got one on demo so will give some feed back very soon, for further info you can view the range here: TomTom, TomTom LIVE, TomTom 940 Live, 740 Live, 540 Live - Portable GPS Car Navigation Systems - Car navigation
  3. Hudson Hotel - New York...

    i stayed there over xmas, very nice hotel, the rooms are on the small size (very small) but the bar and the restaurant are very good and very modern and trendy. its a perfect location for getting about also.....have a good time you will love it.... New York rocks especially at xmas and the sales are amazing....Prada coat here in the UK £495 New york £135 bargain...............defo going again this year...
  4. Lacquer peeled off roof & bonnet

    i jet washed my previous R32 all the time, there is no way the lacquer should come off like that......get VW to check it out....sorry this has happened...
  5. Just to let you know about some new info on the pogo drive unit. As some of you have been aware there have been a number of software issues as regards to the Pogo Dives functionality. I'm pleased to say that origin has been working over the last few months to address all the issues people have been having. As of today there is a totally new software update available to download for existing users: The new updates are as follows: 1) Brand New Map Graphics/Road Names 2)Latest Released Version Of NAVTEQ UK Mapping 3) Software bugs Fixed Speed Camera Updates : 4) Specs Personal Average speed alerts is now added to the unit (as on the pogo Alert) 5) The store camera locations now works also 6) In aprox 1 weeks time the unit will also have mobile Camera Hotspots added on to the Camera database as will the pogo alert. Pogo GPS
  6. TVR T350C

    I have a T350 and i love it, best car to date i have owned...the power is awsome you just never get bored of it.... Here is my little baby
  7. Anyone after an unregistered mkV R32?

    I think Mook has started drinking the mulled wine already...
  8. Anyone after an unregistered mkV R32?

    sorry not been around for ages i have been learning to drive again with no ABS and no traction control..
  9. Anyone after an unregistered mkV R32?

    all VW garages i have driven past have R32's in there show rooms... they just can't shift them at the moment... so a bargain could be had i'm sure...
  10. PogoAlert by Origin...

    i'm sorry you had a bad experience with them, they are usually very good, i know a lot of the staff have been on holiday recently which may have caused extra issues. in the future if you have a problem then give me a call and i will get things sorted out for you. i also i do the trad-ins as well (same offer)....for the b2 units. As for the GPS antenna its a bit of a mine field as regards if your car would require one.(unless you drive a citroen,pug,renault) in ,most cases is does not....but by the sounds of it unfortunatly your car is one of them.
  11. Snooper Strabo

    You want to check out the new Snooper S600 Plus ( the new syrius replacement unit. we will have stocks this week: These are just some of the new features: Snooper S600 Plus [*]Multi-route planner [*]Bluetooth handsfree [*]Handsfree microphone (optional) [*]4.3" full colour LCD touch display [*]3D Direction indicators
  12. PogoAlert by Origin...

    [ QUOTE ] Reaching out and pushing the main unit back against its power base connections re-establishes connectivity but it's not good. [/ QUOTE ] why don't you just send it back and get it replaced. i have one in my TVR and no issues at all, and im sure mine would be disconnecting all the time if there was a general issue which i don't think there is........ i have sold a large number of the pogo alert units with no connectivity issues at all...sounds as just it a faulty unit....
  13. tuscan engine rattle

    You need to take the car to TVR power they know all about the 6 speed engine. sounds like it may need a top end rebuild...i would budget between 3-4K. TVR Power
  14. Early mid-life crisis

    TVR's Rock
  15. i will be there making most of the free food in the VIP vauxhall area