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  1. Thanks for your reply on this - very helpful! 1. Unfortunately, Dean has said that without the plastic 'valet' key, he can't code a new key. 2. I'll investigate the brake bulb issue etc! Thanks Sidicks
  2. Afetr having spent over £2k with Dean at Four Rings audi, my car is in good shape and is now my only car, following the sale of my 911 a coiuple of weeks ago. However, there are a few extra questions I'm hoping the experts on here can help with, please...!! 1) I only got one key with the key, and would like a back-up in case this gets lost. I assume that dealer will charge a fortune for a new key and coding. Is there anyone on here that can offer this service at a much more reasonable price? 2) I've got an intermittent problem where I get a brake light warning on the dash, but the lights appear fine. This often disappears whent he ignition is switched off, but comes back again later. Has anyone had this problem? 3) The ash tray mechanism has broken and so the tray is stuck - does anyone know the correct replacement part number so that I can try and source one on ebay? (The car is a Y reg 2.8 Quattro Avant) 4) The car has a roof rack, but no key - I can't see any manufacturer's logo on it, so I'm not sure if it is an official Audi rack or an aftermarket one. Any ideas where i might be able to find out who makes this, so I can try and obtain a replacement key? Many thanks Sidicks
  3. Thanks - that explains why the 2.8 Quattro has ESP!
  4. So if my car has ESP, it's better?!
  5. One vaguely interesting thing I noted is that the switch next to the fog lights in my car has 'ESP' on it, whereas the switch I bought from eBay had 'ASR' on it. (The other switches were identical). I assume that 'ASR' is 'Anti-skid regulation' and 'ESP' is 'electronic stability program'? Are they exactly the same thing? Is 'ESP' the 'newer' version? Thanks
  6. Let me know of you want to sell your old one...!
  7. Well I bought that item on ebay and rather than replace the whole switches, I simply popped off the covers from the 'new' item and replaced the damaged ones on the dash - sorted! Still no luck here - open to suggestions - ideally there will be some rubber inserts that are designed to fit in those spaces, but I'm yet to find them. Hmm, still no luck opening this by pressing it firmly or by pulling it - any ideas?! Am looking at a Pure Highway unit on ebay - ideally this would live in the glovebox with a discreet wire to the aerial in the windscreen and the power cable to the cigarette lighter - this plan fails if I can't get the cigarette lighter open...!! Any ideas? Cheers Sidicks
  8. I'll do some research, thanks!!
  9. This is meant to be my cheap car! I'd hoped that this was a known issue and cheaply resolved - paying for a new DAB unit plus fitting, goes against what I'm trying to do with this car! Sidicks
  10. If it was a cheap fix I would get it done, as I like listening to football etc on Radio 5, but it's not worth spending much money on it! If it's definitely an ash tray in that space under the air com, then I'm more confident in using a bit more force - I initially didn't want to do this in case this was a blank not a tray and I ended up breaking it!!
  11. It looks as though the heated rear window switch was stuck in, meaning that no other buttons could be pressed - judicious use of a sharp-bladed kitchen knife, when I got home from work, released the switch and all is working now ! Thanks for the helpful advice - any help or tips for the other issues raised above would be much appreciated! Cheers, Sidicks
  12. Not sure - the display still lights up etc, but the buttons don't work.
  13. Hmm - the air con / heated rear window etc decided to stop working this morning. Well, to be clear, it is currently working but none of the buttons work anymore, so I can't change the fan speed, temperature, demister etc etc
  14. After Dean (4 Rings) carried out an oil change and replaced the cambelt and associated parts (he's due back to replace the front pads and discs at a later date) it's now down to me to tidy up the interior a bit. Overall it's in excellent condition for its age, particularly the seats, but there are 2 areas letting it down: 1) on the centre console, there are a 3 buttons in a line - front and rear foglights and ESP. These all work, but the plastic coating has come off the foglight buttons in a number of areas making them look untidy, so I'd like to replace them. Ebay item 400496426584 appears to contain the correct part - how can I check the part number, and most importantly how do I remove the existing switches without damaging the dash? Is it a straightforward 'plug and play' with the replacement part? Anything I should watch out for?? 2) Between the seats and next to the handbrake there are 3 cubby holes - the largest one at the rear, a thin one in the middle and a smaller one directly next to the cigarette lighter. These appear to be lined with thin felt lining stuck directly to the plastic which has badly decayed on the largest cubby hole and is going that way on the others. Given the way it is stuck down, it is going to be difficult to remove - does anyone know of anything - maybe a rubber insert - that can be fitted over the top? On a related note, under the air conditioning buttons there is a place for what I assume is the ash tray or cubby hole, but this doesn't want to open (at least with a normal level of force) - is this actually likely to be a blank or is there a special way of opening this?! Finally, the car has the Audi Sat Nav which appears to work fine, and the radio has decent FM reception, but medium wave reception (for Radio 5 football!!) is poor / non-existent - anything obvious that I need to check?! Cheers Sidicks
  15. Advice on an older A4 Quattro...

    Update: Dean @ 4 Rings has just completed a minor service on my wife's A3 2.0T Quattro Sportback, and is now commencing the cambelt change on my 'new' A4....