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  1. An Old Flame....

    very funny!
  2. Number plate twat - you sad sad person!

    [ QUOTE ] I saw an R32 on the M3 recently that had 'R30 TOO' [/ QUOTE ] Thats a good plate, I like the sound of that!
  3. Number plate twat - you sad sad person!

    [ QUOTE ] Come on chaps and chapettes, as important as personalised plates are to the wellbeing of our great nation, let's PLA 8Y N1 CLY please [/ QUOTE ] Mollox, by all means, I was only responding to Ioddrik's post on "Anyone with a "mum" or "dad" in the reg is a complete "twat". Well that anyone is me. People that give their opinions on tyresmoke by offending other "newbie" (and yes I am a woman) tyresmokers, in my opinion should definately have their arses smacked !!!
  4. Number plate twat - you sad sad person!

    ** MVL......naaahhh........... T4 WAT would suit you much better !!!!!!!
  5. Number plate twat - you sad sad person!

    [ QUOTE ] That's unlucky then, if I ever see that plate on the road, I'll be sure to put my windows and roof up so you won't hear me laughing! If you can locate T4 WAT or similar for me, I'll be sure to put it on vehicle [/ QUOTE ] Whats your private plate then??? Im all ears
  6. Number plate twat - you sad sad person!

    [ QUOTE ] Because it is the saddest thing you can do, who are you trying to tell, it is safe to assume that the majority of people out there are a 'mum' or a 'dad' without feeling the need to proclaim it to all and sundry. In truth, it is the kids and parents who are to blame, I'll wager that nobody would buy a 'mum' plate for themselves, it would be the son/daughter who do that, but they must take the blame for applying it to the vehicle. [/ QUOTE ] who squeezed the jam out of your doughnut mate?! I bet your plates bollocks!!! ..... or have you got an expensive one seeings as it is on a porsche. Truth is its a family thing, I am presuming then that you are not happily married and have been for 15 years with three gorgeous children, an R32 with a reg plate VW 04 FUN and a family car VW Touran VW 04 MUM, I am a mum............but occasionally I like some FUN !!!!
  7. Number plate twat - you sad sad person!

    [ QUOTE ] Anyone with 'MUM' or 'DAD' in the reg is a complete twat!! [/ QUOTE ] and why might that be then loddrik???!

    no wrong car, we didnt advertise on e bay loddrik !

    Hello Tyresmokers!! Here is an "update" you might be interested to read! Its a long story but, had no joy selling privately, most people who showed interest were just time wasters. We took the car into our local dealer on Tuesday, my husband bravely gave the keys to the salesman, signed the necessary and walked home. Went to bed. Got up next morning, went straight down to the dealers and said nah its alright, we will have her back thanks! and so we did! We were suppose to be financing a loft conversion for the 3 kiddies we have, but hell, the kids can wait!! Enjoy it while your still young enough too I say - you only live once!!
  10. Available in two weeks.... People we are gutted, our baby has gotta go Cared for since birth and fed on optimax. One of the last few 5drs, registered in March 04. All the usual standard specifications, optional extras are full black leather, electric sunroof. 7500 miles £23950 R32 £26950 for R32 including plate. Its a fecker of a plate for a fecker of a car!
  11. Stuck up R drivers

    Mate, its a "Car Thing"
  12. Stuck up R drivers

    Hi, I know what you mean, I only see one R32 driving about in my town and he is a miserable b'stard! Never acknowledges me but he is a solicitor! I am pleased to say that out of the two you saw Griff and myself was one of them! You got blonde hair at all? Cheers! Griffs Missus