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  1. Cruise Control - Retro fitting to A4

    Looks like a lot of people are interested in the audi car parts Stratty got for himself. Better than the servicing cost listed here I bet: Fixed price servicing : Servicing : Owners : Volkswagen UK
  2. I did not bother to have air conditioning checked but later got an issue. Temp gauge read normal, but the a/c would not work. Only then did I think it was necessary to have it checked.
  3. High pitched screaming noise

    It makes noise when the accessory belt is slipping and rubbing against the accessory belt tensioner or pulley. If the belt has been replaced and there is still noise then that is when you look at the accessory belt tensioner or pulley. It could also be the accessory belt tensioner pulley bearing but I am leaning towards the tensioner or pulley.
  4. Mirror dip in reverse?

    The function differs. Like the automatic tilt down function on the passenger mirror is part of the electric seat with mirror memory option. If your car does not have electric seats then you certainly will not have this function.
  5. New a6 allroad 3.0 diesel - water pump failure!

    It looks like a known issue. I have not heard or read of any release from Audi about it. It is a good thing you were able to sort it out and that it is in warranty.
  6. I had this problem. You have to take off the wheel and peel away the top part of the wheel arch liner (6xTorx bolts plus one 10mm nut). There is a join in the pipe below the top of the wheel arch. I was able to pop mine back on. Test thoroughly before you refit, in case it pops off again. I appreciate your sharing this information. I have the same issue. It is a good thing your description is spot on as I am not very handy. My mate did it for me last time. Anyway, thanks. I'll be adding this page to me bookmarks that's for sure.
  7. 1997 735 Door Lock Problem

    True. If you ain't too handy with the tools you might end up doing more harm than good. Have you talked a mechanic yet then?
  8. Do you mind posting updates? It'll be great help to many. Thanks.
  9. audi a6 loss of power

    Please help!!Recently we've had an intermittent fault......It's a 2.5TDI quattro Tip, when accelerating the engine will produce less and less power, eventually stopping any acceleration above 3000rpm. If you put your foot down any harder it actually slows down! You end up not being able to go any faster than 30mph!! The garage has changed the airflow sensor we've still got the problem! Any ideas!? [/QUOT did you resolve your prblem and if so could you help me please. No update yet? I read somewhere that someone, who had an issue very similar to yours, said that it could be a clogged CAT (catalytic converter). Have a look at that.
  10. Removing side skirt on Mark 4 R

    True. That is very true. I hardly see r32s on the road. With petrol prices soaring I don't think I'd be seeing many cars on the road.
  11. engine management light on.

    +1 I agree. Best to run it through VCDS to properly identify and address the issue. It could be the temp sensor but better sure than sorry.