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  1. Battery Problem

    Hi Guys, my 57 D3 has the same problems I also have the key not in car alarm when driving along. Could this be all three batteries low, main and two fobs? Also, where is the battery level indicator? can't it anywhere :-( I also read somewhere that there are some settings that only Audi have to do when the main battery is changed, or is this stealer talk? Looking in the manual it says to take the key fobs into Audi to have the battery changed and the fob reprgrammed, anyone have any instructions to change and reprogram the key fob?
  2. Climate not getting cold

    Hi I have just gone through the painful problems with the blocked drains, geting the inside soaking wet. Now it seems that the air con is not cooling. I have checked the fuses and they are all OK. The controls for the air con seem to be OK if I set the temp down the fans kick in, but not with blast of cold air I think you should get, it just doesn't freeze your nuts off, if you see what I mean. Is there anything else I could check? or am I having to go back to the stealer?
  3. reset service warning

    Hi, my son has an A5 which he has just had serviced at an independant, they were not able to reset the service warning. My son is wondering if it can only be reset by Audi. Can anyone give any information whether or not this is right, it seems wrong to me. Maybe someone can let me know how to reset it, even if it has to go back to the independant Guy.
  4. Hi Everyone, just had a diagnostic on my 3L and have been told that I need a new inlet manifold on bank 2 and a motor pack for the MMI. Total stealer bill £1,350.00. Apparently these are common faults on the V6 diesel and MMI. The car is only a 57 plate so really pi____d off with this. It's long since I had a large bill for the gummed up climate system and soggy carpets.:mad:
  5. Sat Nav screen woes

    Hi Pat27, I can't believe that a small gear wheel is €39.00, Audi dealers are expensive enough, maybe that e bayer is just another dealer! So can anyone help with some information on how this stupidly poor designed piece of plastic can be changed?
  6. Sat Nav screen woes

    Hi Everyone, I wonder if you have any ideas on this one? my sat nav screen, sometimes it comes up OK sometimes not quite to full up (if you see what I mean) sometimes it will close OK sometimes only halfway. There is clunk occasionally when it operates as well. So is there something to adjust? or am I at the mercy of a stealer to get something done? Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  7. Faulty wing mirror - won't lower

    Hi, I had a similar problem on a Jag, if you can hear something moving/trying to move when you operate the mirror, it is either a stripped gear wheel (not good news) or it has come disengaged. I am not sure how the cover comes off, maybe someone else on this site can advise, but if you can remove the wing morror cover you should be able to see the mechanism and if you just need to reseat something. I wouldn't mind betting someone a swing at it and that has caused the problem. Heres hoping its the later and not an expensive repair.
  8. Things they didn't tell you your A8 could do

    Hi Dave, I have heard of that on the old Rover cars, but not on the A8, I had a look at the extra's in the current price list but didn't anything. I'll keep an eye on mine to see if it has it. Pretty cool if it does.
  9. So the other day I found two pull down hooks in the top edge of the boot, really handy for holding bag handles to stop them rolling around the boot. Has anyone else found anything about the A8 that surprised them?
  10. Date of A8 birth

    Hi I wouldn't mind betting that you will be told it's the ECU needing replacement. It sounds like a CMOS battery has failed and needs swapping out. PC's can have the same problem, on boot up the PC's date reverts to the date and time the Processor was built. It would be worth getting it checked and seeing what is recommended and maybe asking if you can see the ECU. A CMOS battery is similar to a CR232 battery, about the size of a 5p coin.
  11. Date of A8 birth

    Hi GarbitAsh, does this happen when in use or only when you start the car? If it's only when the car is started I suspect it would be a CMOS battery on the main ECU not holding charge so the system goes into default mode. If it's when you are driving it could be a similar problem but with a bad electrical connection. Have you any more symptoms?
  12. Oh cock. D3 parking brake stuck on. Any ideas?

    Some interesting experiences here, being a newbie to A8 heaven, I heard my nearside rear caliper cycling in and out a few times, after I had parked, applied the handbrake, turned the engine off and locked it with the off side rear door handle. It went on for quite a few cycles. When I got back in the car a bit later the handbrake was showing off. It's just come out of the stealer, who said the noise was nothing to worry about, the brakes carryout a calibration test and set every 1000Kms. We'll have to wait and see about that. But then this is the garage that tried to tell me the drivers door wasn't shutting due to air pressure, it turned out to be that the door needed adjustment. Got it back today and it seems a lot better. Why do main Dealers tell such lies and take everyone for idiots, they don't realise that they just loose custom in the long run. I have ot say it's not just Audi either.
  13. Body shop to adjust door hinge ?????

    Hi All, Some interesting thoughts and comments, I have now got the car back and I can't see any hammer of wood block marks, that seems a good start. All things have allegedly been done, so off for a two day jaunt "up north" and back, so a good test drive. So yes a tad p_____d off with the stealer and that it's been back more than once for re-work. Not sure of the protocol here, should I name and shame? What I will say is that they used to be based in Croydon and have moved south a bit.
  14. what is my A8?????

    Hi Everyone, Now I really have mixed feelings, it must be a D3 as it is a 57 plate. Hmmmm a money pit, it's been back three times since I got on Christmas Eve, hopefully caught things at the early end of my 12 month warranty. As I said in my other post so far I hope it's not a Lemon. As for the car,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WOW, I have to compliment Botang on the video's that can't be a diesel,,,,,, can it? Just got it back after a week at the stealer, and a 600 mile trip over the next two days, I am really looking forward to that, the ride, the auto, the Bose, the caaaaaaar. Thanks for your comments.
  15. what is my A8?????

    So I may be a bit thick here, but how do I know if my A8 is a D3, D4 or whatever. I just know the answer will be painfully obvious