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  1. Jbs stage 1

    Hi Guys have any of you been to JBS and had a stage1 remap on your r32 mk5 and if you did what did you think of it?
  2. milltek non res

    Thanks Mate i go with resonated system be best for me and like you said still sounds great..
  3. milltek non res

    Hi Putting it on Gokf R32 MK5..
  4. milltek non res

    Hi Guys is the milltek non res really loud in the car?
  5. Advice please

    Thanks Guys for your help booking in with AMD next week i let you know how i get on...
  6. Advice please

    Hi Mook, Thanks for getting back would a map make my car drive better than it does drives great now? I will check the milltek out again only heard them on youtube and you cant realy tell. I live in Norfolk so will be going to AMD in the south...
  7. Advice please

    Any body can advice me please?
  8. Advice please

    Hi Guys, first off great forum and great advice from you Guys, Ive had my Golf R32 mk5 for six months now its on a 57plate just done 20,000 its a manual and drives great, Iam getting a milltek nonres catback and i have enough money for a remap now would AMD be the best for me to go to? Also would i need to change the filter to as you can tel dont know much about cars but i love my 32 best car ive had. Thanks so much for your help guys..