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  1. S3 revo clutch upgrade

    Thanks Decked - that is very helpful and good to know. I was unsure whether to change the flywheel but seems it might be sensible to do it while its stripped down for a new clutch. The slip is intermittent at present so gonna run the stock and Stage 2 for a bit longer then move to Stage 2+ and Sachs clutch later this year, when I suspect the stock clutch will have had it. Keen to see what Stage 2+ does for what is already a great car to drive; your posts suggest it is well worth doing. J
  2. S3 revo clutch upgrade

    First post and sorry if covered elsewhere but I have not uncovered anything when searching the forum: Anybody with experience of running revo stage 2+ on the S3 with advice on clutch upgrade? (mine a 2009 car) I've run stage 2 for about 8k miles and starting to get mild clutch slip so looking ahead to replace (car now on 26k miles). Want to move to stage 2+ so need to make sure the clutch is up to it. Have had different advice re the need for replacing flywheel etc and how this will effect the 'feel' of the clutch vs life of clutch. Any views/ advice would be appreciated. Thanks J