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  1. Rosberg and Hamilton in new Mercedes advert

    Easy money - I wonder how much they got paid for that arduous task.
  2. New pants please

    These Russian Vodka car crash vids are exceptional. How to create an accident out of nothing. Expect the totally unexpected from the least expected place. Great. Reminds of the 90's in Saudi, crossing the road you looked left, then right, then left and then right again and kept looking as you crossed, what we overlooked was looking above you for the cars, we see more than one car crash involving cars about 2m above the deck.
  3. New MotorPunk format and lots of new content. Read on!

    Visited the site yesterday, very good and very entertaining. Good stuff.
  4. BT internet. Any good?

    Thanks for the suggestions, now all working. So much for plug'n'play !
  5. What's blacker than black?

    Good girl. No visible means of entry either, should we mention the Anaconda as well ?
  6. What's blacker than black?

    That's the one. I've got the whole series which I recorded off Radio 2 with a wired microphone and a cassette player. Simple days.
  7. What's blacker than black?

    Reminds me a tad of the spaceship that was nicked by Zaphod Beeblebrox, that was blacker than black itself.
  8. BT internet. Any good?

    Ok - so we now have BT Infinity and it works well with our ipads and Android devices, speed is 'much' better, reliability has increased tremendously. The problem is with our existing laptops, one is about 6-7 years old and the other is 3-4 years old. Both will not connect onto the BT Infinity Hub 5 router, a few Google enquires have returned a few vague problems that may exist with 'older technology'. Can anyone help me out here on what I have to do to try and connect the two existing laptops to the new router. BT talk about a dongle that I may have to purchase ! Rather not start shelling out for new laptops. //beggingforhelp//.
  9. Festival of Speed

    Sadly not for us, will be in sunny Spain instead. We've missed the FoS now for the last 3 years, before that we were regulars for the whole three days, making a long weekend of it staying in comfort locally. Whilst it's still sold on being able to get upclose to the cars, the action and drivers. In reality it's a shadow of its former self and a victim of it's popularity and success. Too many people, very expensive (for a 3 dayer), quality has gone down, too many poor people let in. I would consider a day ticket and suffer the crowds for a day, but no longer. Car Fest South & North is going the same way as well (if you can get a ticket) - glad we saw it in its first year.
  10. Audi RS5 TDI concept

    I'm a huge fan of diesel power, give me more. However it's not music to my ears and there lays the rub.
  11. I think we shall forget that then !
  12. No excuses now. Meet up at 7.30. Nosh ('cuse me....) at 8.30.
  13. BT internet. Any good?

    BT have confirmed that our location finally has Fibre connection (we only got water/gas and mains drainage last year....) and we are looking at the BT Infinity package, not really interested in any of the BT Sports or other additional channels. We have FreeSat & Freeview, thats enough for our needs - we just want a reliable, fast connection. Hopefully BT will provide it. Certainly works out £££££'S cheaper than our current povider, idnet - which I must say is excellent but very expensive. Fingers crossed.
  14. Actually I was being a tad too sensible, I had cruise on and set at 10mph above the limit. I only realised it was you when you passed me (in a flash as they say). So, always willing to play, I entered into the spirit of things. I ever wondered if the driver in the outside lane ever knew you/we were there (for about 2-3 miles I think). WAKEY WAKEY.........
  15. Enjoyable evening, wish I'd gone for the crumble with Ice cream though I want a AMG C63. Lets sort out the next meet whilst the summer is still with us. Mick really needs to get his eyes sorted, bless.
  16. Table for 6 booked for 8.30. They can add a few more 'guests' if need be. As normal, see you all in the car park !
  17. C63 AMG's

    Working in Birmingham the last 10 months, I have come to a few conclusions: C63 AMG's - In Birmingham, as common as muck. Everyone has one. Mostly white, you see the odd black one. Mostly driven by very young blokes. Other worthy notes: 911's - rare as hens teeth. Bentleys common as muck. After a while you begin to understand the dialect. Lurverly women and lastly The best curries in the world. Some of the friendliest people to work with.
  18. Of course you can, just keep the horror stories to yourself.
  19. A suggestion...... howabout The Nags Head, Brentwood - just a half mile up from J28 of the M25, we met there a few years back. http://www.thenagsheadbrentwood.co.uk/home/ Say, 8pm !
  20. We are free on the 5th......... where exactly
  21. I want some of this guy's luck.

    I did something quite similair to that a couple of years ago, well not quite that similair....... I hit the barrier...... twice. 7km in.
  22. Duxford - Spring Car Show, 5 May

    A late day out, sorted out only a few days prior. No air show, just the usual static displays, the day was sunny and with no rain forecast promised to be a cracking day. While we waited in the queue we were treated to a couple of spitfires flying in formation over the airfield, a few fly pasts and a couple of loop the loops. It was amazed at how many cars were on display, the numbers run into the many hundreds, the theme was pre 1984 but a great many on show right were from the modern day. Favourites for me were the cars from the 70's, the usual batch of Mexico's,Dolomites, Triumph Vitesses (my 1st car). Also a great array of muscle cars from the 80's. All in all a well organised day out at a superb location. Seeing the olders cars kicked the more modern current day cars into a cocked hat.
  23. Always welcome young Graham. I can terrify you both on the river as well as in a car now !!!
  24. For what seems no apparent reason, my Sony Vaio laptop disconnected from the internet with a dialogue box saying 'turn on the wireless capability'. Despite a search on how to turn this on I'm flummoxed. There is no switch on the front or sides. No F key that has an a radio aerial on it. The Vaio Smart Network folder has a switch to turn it on, but that is disabled !!!!!!!! The model is a Sony Vaio PCG-7184M Getting mighty pissed off......