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  1. BMW M3 Competition

    I would never, ever put me' ol' mucker down as a ditherer.................. Big Hug Riz
  2. A new car magazine - by me.

    I'm all for thumbing through a dirty (car) mag.
  3. Goodwood MM 76

    As usual we will be there for the whole weekend, it will interesting though as the GRRC has 'encouraged' more 'revenue take' by introducing a level of membership so that more people will attend on what is normally an event with strictly controlled numbers. One reason why we stopped attending the FoS was the sheer onslaught of huge numbers that took away the essence of what it represented. If the numbers increase to such a level at MM76 then we will rethink attending in the future. Anyway - anyone else going. Steve ? Bazza? Wopps ?
  4. Goodwood MM 76

    It was cold beyond description, the coldest car event I've ever attended, bleak does not even come close. Numbers had increased but hopefully the traditional weather will put many of the 'fellowship' members off in coming years..... We have decided to go to this years FoS as the GRRC now have their own enclosure and facilities with access to parts of the event not open to the general public (as well as dedicated GRRC parking )
  5. Post a pic of your car

    The Members parking area was quite well drained, after this years MM and the bitter cold of MM74 I'm lobbying the GRRC to move the MM to May !
  6. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Not for a long while, the location where we used to meet has long gone, pub pulled down and houses built in its place. We had a few pub visits in Brentwood after that.
  7. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Aye was a regular visitor at the Essex meets a while back, he lived in Ipswich then.
  8. F1 Grid Kids

    Words fail me. Give me strength.
  9. F1 Grid Kids

    I do so hope we get to see non binary fluid gender F1 driver grid representatives. There, thats ticked the requisite diversity boxes.
  10. 2018 UK F1 TV schedule

    I enjoy F1 but I will never fill the dirty diggers pockets, I just dislike the principle of the pay per view TV concept - I'm too old fashioned. So for me F1 will soon be a thing of the past. I will miss it. I will focus on attending race meetings and enjoy the thrill of live racing be it amateur or professional, classic or historic. The historic F1 at Monaco this year is our first stop. That and the WRC.......
  11. 2 perfect Escorts

    Beautiful cars, nice to see examples that are true to the original rather than tricked up versions.
  12. I have about 40+. 2 part, a base and separate top cover. All clean, no scratches or damage. UV resistant. They once housed part of my 1/18th discast model car collection but I now have a custom built display case and so they are no longer needed. On fleabay they are going for around £7-£9 each, I'm after £4.50 each, P&P depending on number but quite reasonable I'm sure.
  13. The Stamford Car Show

    You can't beat a decent Vanden Plas.
  14. iphone 4s help.

    No early buns I'm afraid Mac, all done. Thankyou. Now, about next week.
  15. iphone 4s help.

    I have an old iphone 4s, the SIM card is gone. However I have loads of pictures on the phone that I cannot download and remove from the phone. When I connect it to a PC it finds the iphone but no images. How can I get them off the phone ?
  16. Porsche Macan 2.0T

    What happened to it Chris ?
  17. iphone 4s help.

    No Porn (unfortunately), will try it on the Mac tonight and let you know. Failing that then its St Pauls next week and I'm buying.
  18. Home Security

    Afternoon, Planning for the BIG PROJECT, what sort of home security should I be considering (apart from a fecking big hungry hound), not thinking about door window sensors more just thinking about cameras and instant notifications of visitors (I recall Daz having a type of system like this some time ago), the nearest I can find to what I think I want is by Yale. Any suggestions or experience ?
  19. F1 Meets Claire Williams

    Always worth watching Claire Williams......
  20. We are replacing our current TV set up at home with a new TV with an internal freeview & freesat tuner. So far so good. 1. Can both run off a single normal co-axial into the rear of the telly with a digital aerial or do I require a dish as well ? 2. If not, how is the cabling configured. We have no intention of using a Sky box etc. Thanking you.
  21. Wrong bloody room as well........
  22. Wopps 918

    Is in Evo this month. B'stard.
  23. MkV Golf R32 - SOLD

    Car Sold to the first viewer on Saturday, he accepted an offer of £11600 for it
  24. MkV Golf R32 - SOLD

    The guy selling the car sits behind me and is not a regular visitor to TSN, his local dealer recommended he have the chains and DMF changed as a precaution, so he did. More than likely a bit of salesmanship by the dealer rather than being required. He has also asked that if any anyone has questions about the car then please call him direct. I'm gonna hit him later with joining TSN. Whilst I'm not a lover of the Mk V R32, this one is a gem and totally unmodified, so hopefully should find a home.
  25. For the Love of Cars

    One of the best shows, a beautiful car and a snip at £108k..... after a £40k restoration.