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  1. I am in need of a second car but want something I know and having owned a MK 4 from new back in 2004 I know what to expect. So my 12k car would be a one/two owner car, mileage no more than 50k, full VWSH, unmarked with original untouched immaculate paintwork, no engine, or body modifications (Miltek okay) seats and interior unmarked and all service documentation including copy invoices in place. It would have good tyres, discs, pads, suspension and be mechanically perfect. I can deal with scuffed alloys but rippled, painted panels I cannot. Grey interior is out and my preference to colours is DP Blue, Silver and Black in that order. Three door would be preferred but I would definatley consider a five door. So if you know of such a car please let me know. Many thanks.
  2. New R - complete lack of interest here

    The new R is just crazy. Back in 2004 I paid 24.5k for my R32 new. IMHO the Mk 4 has bags more character than any other Golf. VW have truly lost the plot!
  3. Thinking of buying X6

    I have a 09.06 e53 x5 3.0d sport thats immaculate, 33k milles, just been serviced, had its first MOT and new fronts. Tax and extended warranty are due at the end of the month so best part of £1300 to spend. I quite fancy an x6 and have booked a test drive tommorrow, the dealer has indicated that its a good time to buy as there are incentives and when I bought my e53 3 yrs ago we got something like 4k off the list price but the new one was imminent. Has anyone recently haggled on price and have any idea what the ball bark discount available is? I would think 10% straight away should not be too difficult as they are not exactly flying out the doors. Its a shame for dealers really because in a bouyant market cars should be flying out the doors when you consider vat is due to reset back to 17.5% and first time road tax will kick in in April next year. This is another reason forme thinking of buying now coupled with trade prices on mine looking not too bad.
  4. Question about Sport Button on RS4

    you can disconnect the pipes to the valves so they are open all the time. Sounds better too. Some have reported that it feels better too. Cant say I noticed but it certainly sounds better at certain points in rev range through being open all the time.
  5. RS4 - Must have options

    Its a myth about buckets being must have option. I bought an rs4 from new last year and instantly wanted the buckets, after a 2 hour test drive i soon decided on reccaros. I too spoke to my dealer who said that he sells more with recarros as most buyers can see past the hype and decide to try both. The truth is that people with a waist line below 36" will probably find them okay whereas people above that may struggle. If you are buying just make sure you dont buy on image and try them both.
  6. Spy shots: New RS6 saloon spotted

    the pics on page 2 are surely photo chopped??? Since when are the wheels on the front bigger than the rears. Looks like someones tried photo chopping an a4 on an a6????
  7. where are they all???

    Theres one at my local dealer, 34k. Im sorry this is not a 34k car!!!! It looks nothing in the flesh. I also took a 123d for a drive and the engine sounds awful. Towards the upper end of rev range it just sounds too rattly, I thought deisels had come along way but this sounded like a steriotypical deisel. It also felt slow. Against the d3 alpina this car just makes no sense. Im seriously wondering whats happening to BMs interiors as they just feel flimsy and cheap inside.
  8. I have just emailed Global Trade in Germany who can supply OEM RS4 alloys, including titanium coloured for €495 including shipping to UK. Firstly has anyone used or have any feedback about them and secondly is anyone else interested? Further to "What no spare" thread, I fancy having a spare in garage. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will see if they can discount the price.
  9. OEM RS4 alloy £100 cheaper than UK dealer

    [ QUOTE ] £495 delivered for OEM RS4 alloys is a great price, if they are indeed OEM then go for it... [/ QUOTE ] That price is Euros and I have got cheaper.
  10. OEM RS4 alloy £100 cheaper than UK dealer

    Yes I have had another good report about global trade and Monty has returned emails promptly.
  11. OEM RS4 alloy £100 cheaper than UK dealer

    [ QUOTE ] There is allot of margin in factory alloy wheels. You could probably get nearly £100 off a wheel if you asked a UK Centre nicely enough I'll happily do you one (as I have one in stock!) but the problem is you'd have to arrange to get it couriered. PM me if you're interested. [/ QUOTE ] Hi Nelson, thanks for your kind offer I have PMd you.
  12. Cant seem to get a paint code for my x5 alloys, does anyone have this please?
  13. OEM RS4 alloy £100 cheaper than UK dealer

    Posted this on another rs forum and one of the guys has bought one from them and said that they are indeed oem, not refurbs and had good speedy service.
  14. I have the above but do not have xenons. The lights i beleive are gas discharge lights, in order to do a xenon conversion do I just need the ballasts and new bulbs? Is this the only difference between and oem gas discharge lamp and a xenon lamp?
  15. Ultimate Detailing Machine

    Anyone know if the 240v has made it to uk yet. Also has anyone got any thoughts on the Meguiars cordless orbital, i have heard that there is one but buggered if i can find it anywhere. Thanks PS If I went the 110v with the power adapter is the adapter a pain to have or is it just like an extension lead with a transformer on the end?
  16. £40k B7 RS4?

    One is high mileage the other 2 have low spec.
  17. 535d msport # x5 3.0d sport

    We bought one of last old shape ones last September. Its a 3.0d sport and has the 20" v spokes, running boards, comms etc. and by coincidence my dad picked up a 535d m sport last week which i drove last weekend. I cant comment too much on the 5 but im not too keen on the interior materials, they seem to of got thinner and less substantial, the doors in particular do not seem to have the weight behind them, this is probably not a bad thing but on these kind of cars you perceive it as quality. Fantastic engine very smooth. I couldnt get on with the auto stick as your hand covers the symbols when you engage D or R but again I was only in for 1/2 an hour and its probably because its different. The X5 I love but I have to explain that my wife drives it daily as I have a B7 RS4 saloon and I quite enjoy getting into it as its so different. Speed is quite good and it rides a small wave of torque in 2nd and 3rd but then runs out of breath a bit later on. The auto gearbox is slightly irritating, when you are travelling down a hill as soon as you touch the brakes it changes down a gear to assist the braking with the engine, in a manual its fine but in an auto you dont expect it so you lunge forward slightly. Teh ride is firm but comfortable I would test a non sport to make sure you are happy with the ride. It still amazes me how well it handles, you can genuinley throw it about quite a bit and there is very little body roll. MPG is 26 around town and raises to 31 on a 2 hour mway drive. Our car does not have xenons and I would recomend them as the non xenons are not too bright. Comms is a must. Cant think of much more, our first service is due so cannot tell you what the costs are but i beleive its 250 all in for the first one. The rears are a about 1500 - 2000 shy of teh markers after 15k miles but the fronts are fine, I will probably try less pressure in the rears as they have worn in the centres but they are huge. Any other questions please feel free to ask and good luck.
  18. Something for the weekend.....

    Seeing the pics of your csl just confirms what I had already thought in that the csl looks so much nicer. The new one just looks out of proportion compared to your csls perfect proportions. The rear looks like an after thought and the boot too long.
  19. RS4 pixs

    [ QUOTE ] Yes didnt believe him for a munite. He had about 5-6 RS4's in stock however and none had it. [/ QUOTE ] Tells you why he has 5-6 in stock. I would guess that most saloons are specced with ss+ whilst most avants are not. Just a guess.
  20. Autocar - Not a good review!

    Woppum: What suspension did the rs4 have std or sports suspension +. Im guessing if it felt soft it was the std and these are supposed to be a bit soft and a bit jittery under braking although ive not driven one without sports suspension. Merlot: I had a 987s on 19s with pasm (ps2s) and 99% of the time it felt amazing in the wet but on a couple of occassions the rear lost traction in the wet and it was very quick and sudden and im sure it was not my reactions that saved the spin.
  21. RS4 pixs

    [ QUOTE ] You tempted me so went to the dealer today for a test drive. Great car with even greater shove but it felt a bit big, soft and heavy for my tastes. [/ QUOTE ] Standard suspension or sports?
  22. 2007 boxster

    You need to list the spec really for people to give you an idea.
  23. New M3 Pics

    Sorry but the car in the reflection of pic No 2 is much nicer. The whole back end of the new m3 is all wrong, the exhaust position looks like an after thought and it looks more like Starskys Torrino than an M car. All you existing M3 3 owners id keep a hold of them coz no matter what this car goes like you cant polish a doggy doo. I like the idea of the csl but again I just cannot see how they can make it look as nice as the current csl in this body shape.
  24. Mk4 R32 prices

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I was looking for one a few months back to tide me over until my now aborted m3 purchase. All I can say is that I was looking for below 30k miles with no more than 2 owners. I would of paid up to 17k for he right car but I dont think it is out there. [/ QUOTE ] Hmmm. I emailed you pics of mine which fits the criteria (it's still only done 17.5k miles) and you didn't reply! [/ QUOTE ] I ended up cancelling the M3 order as I went for a new RS4 which is why I didnt take it any further. Sorry
  25. Still looking forward to my new M3

    Im sure it will be amazing. If its slightly better or slightly worse than an RS4 its still going to be a good car. Personally im hoping its a bag of spanners but thats only because I cancelled my deposit and went for an RS4.