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  1. dpf problems please help

    Thanks for ur post. I'm going to make myself sound like a complete imbicile here but I don't care what gear do I need to be in. I've tried doing that but it makes a funny noise and I panic n think it's gonna blow up ha ha. Do I just carry on even if it is making noises? If that doesn't work how much should I be looking at paying to have it cleaned? I've been quoted £400 but I don't know if that's to much n they are trying to take the piss cos it's obv I don't have a clue ha ha thanks again laura
  2. dpf problems please help

    Hiya was wondering if anyone could help please, had my skoda octavia its a TDI VRS i think 1.9. 92000 miles on the clock i had problems with it around 5 months ago which turned out to be a DPF problem, had the dpf cleaned rather that replaced due to the cost, its happened again now. i only use the car for work so it does around 25 miles a day but its town driving (stopping and starting) the mechanic said this is why the DPF is getting blocked because its unable to regenerate itself. Is it possible to remove the DPF? i have heard people mention it before but i have no idea if this is possible. My husband is out of the country with work and its difficult to gat hold of him so i am completly lost as to what to do. please help!!!! lol thanks laura