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  1. Hi i'm new to all of this so please bear with me i have a golf gti tdi 2.0 on a 2002 plate I've just had a new turbo fitted but when u drive the car blue/white smoke comes out of the exchust and when u stop the car black oil drips out of the exchust plz help this is doing my head in lol Thank you
  2. lossof turbo power

    thank you i will try that and have agood look at the pipes i do hope the turbo hasn't gone i'd have to make sure i was sitting down when i ask for a price on one lol
  3. lossof turbo power

    no not really it sounds like the fan is going but making a wessy sound
  4. lossof turbo power

    while driving my vw golf gti tdi the other day i put my foot down and the turbo kicked in then i just lost power and white/blue smoke can out of the exhaust and the turbo started to make a fun sound the car run's just with no turbo it sounds as if the turbo wants to kick in but can't plzzzzz help plzzzzzz