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  1. Locking wheel nut key

    Thanks Dan. I have looked at this and asked the chap if it the correct pattern for mine. He couldn't tell me as I cent see a 37 anywhere on the nut- just H22. I've already bought an ABC 8 for VW Audi that doesn't fit. Don't want to waste anymore money...
  2. Locking wheel nut key

    Can anyone help with where I can get a key to fit this please. Other than the stealers It's on a 02 L322 Range Rover it has 20 splines. Thanks
  3. 2003 Audi S4

    Yep... I was a little sceptical as I did have my sights set on a MK5 R32... But I stumbled across this Range and it was local.. I have to be honest its chuffin superb. Big comfy roomy luxury and have a great V8... Love it
  4. 2003 Audi S4

    Naturally I would have like a little more than 5300, but given the marketplace and the fact she has over 100k miles i am happy :-)
  5. 2003 Audi S4

  6. 2003 Audi S4

    Yeah. Its on ebay, Autotrader, PH, Gumtree... Chap coming tomorrow to view
  7. What's the ultimate 80s car icon?

    Renault 5 Gordini Turbo... Simply insane car :-)
  8. What's the ultimate 80s car icon?

    Lotus Carlton....
  9. 2003 Audi S4

    Ok price now 5500 gotta go
  10. 2003 Audi S4

    Seriously.... 6k for this beast... Thats alot of car for not alot of money... There must be someone out there???
  11. 2003 Audi S4

    How much did you get for it £20k... Lol
  12. 2003 Audi S4

    Price dropped will take £6000 plus a full tank a go go juice
  13. 2003 Audi S4

    If anyone can get this sold for me i am happy to pay a commission :-)
  14. 2nd thoughts...

    Yep this is my 2nd...
  15. 2nd thoughts...

    Deal... Very impressed. To say its a 10 year old motor she is in great condition. Just serviced, MOT till Feb 13. .. No advisories on the last 2. Will need a set of boots in a couple of months and rear pads are low, and the tracking needs sorting. Other than that the air suspension has been overalled new compressor and air cushions all round. Factory fit rear lcd screens. It is mechanically and electronically faultless. Needs a good valet and a going over with some poorboys black hole and the bodywork will look like new. I have ordered some chrome running boards and maybe get an OEM supercharger grill. For a big motor it gets a shift on too. Yes its wallowy but boy do you feel good in that driving position. Collect Friday will put more pics up once detailled and running boards fitted.