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  1. What would you do.

    This is an extract from EVO and their RS4 long termer: "A couple of months later, Mr Lee, our art editor, loaded up the RS4 for a trip to Le Mans to see the Audis win again. Being the fastidious type, he checked the oil. I’d put a litre in the month before but Chee found that it needed another. Hmmm. Setting aside the concern of an apparently growing thirst for a moment, if you want to take advantage of the extended service schedule, which puts the first service at 18,000 rather than 12,000 miles, you must top up with ‘long life’ oil, not just regular synthetic stuff. It’s hard to find, and expensive when you do – Chee paid £17 for a litre." I guess if the long life has been used then first service at 19K is just outside the recommendation but how do you know if the long life has been used??? Seems a bit daft to me....
  2. Buying z4m

    Good choice. Apart from making sure the car has had its running in service on time they are pretty reliable cars. I went from a Mark IV R32 to M3 to Z4M and it is a step up in performance. 4 Motion is great but RWD is more fun in my eyes. You might want to check on here to get more info: Z4-forum.com • Z4 owners forum and discussion
  3. SG CSL 21k

    Vito, Why not try posting over on here, you might get some joy: CSL Register - Powered by vBulletin
  4. Mtorque

    I have managed to get hold of one of the MODS who is going to look into this. Seems like there might actually be a problem with the system. Jay
  5. Mtorque

    Wopps Best people to PM are either "Rutkowski" or "Jeremy" Mollox if you are still having no joy PM your details and I will speak to them. Jay
  6. New M3 review

    I have spoken to other owners as well and none have paid for the running in service either. Load of bolloxs
  7. New M3 review

    Great write up, is a much better car than the reviews have given it credit for. The running in service is free anyway, I dont see where the £400 comes from? BMW pick up the tab on this one.....
  8. S4 Avant to Z4M

    You know it makes sense If you need some help getting CSL's drop me a PM.
  9. S4 Avant to Z4M

    Some pics with CSL's for you mate. Cheers Jay
  10. Rock Band

    Well chuffed with this game, some great songs and it's prob the best game you can play if you have some mates round, a real laugh. Don't think the neighbours are too impressed though.
  11. Rock Band

    [ QUOTE ] You realise you need an American XBox 360 to play the US version of the game right? [/ QUOTE ] PS3 mate.
  12. Rock Band

    I got one off ebay last week, £160 all in including P&P which I think isnt too bad when they are suggesting possibly £149 as retail here for the Special Edition box. Not sure how long it will take to get here from US, they told me 6-7 days but that sounds optimistic...
  13. Can anyone recomend a garage to fix my E36M3?

    http://www.munichlegends.co.uk/homepage.html http://www.birdsauto.com/ Both of these have good reputations. Worth a look.
  14. BURNOUT : Paradise

    [ QUOTE ] Completed this yesterday (Well, got the credits scrolling, not 100%ed the whole game) and have loved every minute of it so far. The demo wasn't great in my opinion, but the finished item is simply first class [/ QUOTE ] Blimey, you dont hang about. There is masses to this game, gets better the more you get into it as well. I was a bit sceptical at first but now I love it.
  15. Call Of Duty 4....online

    [ QUOTE ] It's not lit up when I select a class. Does this relate to experience points? [/ QUOTE ] Handy info for multiplayer if you aren't aware: The multiplayer mode in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare includes a character class system that allows players to create custom infantry classes with numerous weapons and perks (special equipment or abilities) to assign to their soldier. The player can call in UAV reconnaisance scans, air strikes, and attack helicopters by achieving a three-, five-, or seven-enemy kill streaks, respectively. The five default classes include Assault, Special Ops, Heavy Gunner, Demolitions, and Sniper. Only three of the default classes are available to a first time player; the rest are unlocked as the player gains more experience online and gains higher rank. Create-a-class can be unlocked at level 4; players can name and save up to five custom classes for quick access in multiplayer matches. Experience Points (XP) are earned by either killing opponents or completing certain objectives, such as defusing the bomb in "Sabotage" or "Search and Destroy" game modes. The amount of XP gained varies depending on the type of match the user is playing. When the user gains enough Experience Points their rank/level increases. The highest attainable level is 55, or the rank of Commander. Upon reaching level 55 the player is rewarded with a Gold Desert Eagle pistol, indicating his Commander status. Most of the new weapons and perks that players can use to outfit their custom class are unlocked as they gain higher ranks. There are also a number of challenges associated with each weapon that subsequently open up new weapon attachments as players complete them; these include improved weapon sights, camouflage patterns, and magnification scopes. These benefits are unlocked after attaining a certain number of kills or headshots. Completing these challenges also gives the player XP. Prestige Mode At Level 55, the player cannot gain any more XP from the game until they unlock Prestige Mode, a feature only available in the console versions of the game. In Prestige mode, the player can trade in their rank, all unlocked weapons and completed challenges and start over at level 1, in exchange for a special in-game insignia by their name. The player can then rank up and trade in their rank with Prestige mode again, up to ten times, with a different insignia awarded each time. This effectively gives the player 605 total ranks to achieve.[6] Leaderboard stats (kills, deaths, playing time, etc.) are not affected by Prestige mode