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  1. More power for 2.0 Tdi......

    no reply yet. its been over a week now. but from my knowledge its extremely costly if anything happens to the DSG gearbox, therefore is it worth while/safe to re-map if possible?
  2. More power for 2.0 Tdi......

    [ QUOTE ] any one know if the DSG can handle the increase in torque???, am sure the DSG is on limit at 320Nm [/ QUOTE ] im sure that amd can re-map the 2.0TDi DSG now? to over 320nm? thats what i thought anyway? still waiting a reply from my email to amd.
  3. lowering new A3

    [ QUOTE ] RSD AR ON 01327 706444 www.rsdcars-uk.co.uk and danny thier will help you they do all sorts for a3 a4 ect and have a fantastic bodykit availible.. [/ QUOTE ] so how much did you lower yours by?? thanks for the link btw
  4. lowering new A3

    [ QUOTE ] ive done mine H & R springs which are actally a softer ride that the standard s line set up. mines a 3.2 sline dsg and ive had no problems at all. speak to danny at rsd developments who do all sorts of stuff [/ QUOTE ] can u pass me their contacts please? and who are rsd?? many thanks. oh and how much did you lower your car by?
  5. lowering new A3

    just wonder if anyone has lowered their new A3's yet?? im considering lowering mine. any recommendations??
  6. A3 2.0 TDI - What sort of milleage to a tank?

    varies. i get around 460-550miles depend on what roads and how i drive. hope this helps. tim
  7. re-map / chipping 2.0TDi

    has anyone here chipped their cars yet?? i have a DSG, and im just looking for people's reviews on their cars that has had a re-map. many thanks
  8. Just requested a test drive....

    same.. today i actually sat in the sportsback! 3.2! it was under cover in the showroom but they let me preview it before they show it to the public. my salesman will call me as soon as he gets his 2.0t fsi demo in for a test drive! should be interesting
  9. What tyres came on you A3 S-Line

    thanks for the info. much appreciated. i think i will try the f1 eagles myself.
  10. What tyres came on you A3 S-Line

    [ QUOTE ] my a3 came with primacy as well, i have just had to replace as after 19K miles, front were at 2MM, back at 5MM on both and passenger side rear had an optional extra nail included!. cost me £550 to replace all four. feels much better as you would expect. has just had its first long life service-£230 all in at 18500 Miles. steven [/ QUOTE ] thanks for the info ont he service of the car, is yours the diesel?? 2.0TDi?? and what tyres are you running on?? im looking for new tyres soon... many thanks
  11. Ultimate Diesel Again

    also if you spend more than £50 of sshopping you get another 5p knocked of per litre!!! so if u send more than £100.. split the shopping in half so you can get 5p off per litre twice
  12. What tyres came on you A3 S-Line

    i got michelin primacy i have looked up on the net, and my tires are more expensive than the pilot sport!! i thought i got conned, mine isnt a s-line btw, but the story is.... before my car was redy to pick up, i paid my car a vist and noticed two same cars as mine 2.0TDi Sport DSG!! but my fren however noticed i was the only one without pilot sport tyres on!!! so i thought i was getting conned!! but i went home to check out the tyres out and mine was a teenie bit more expensive!! lol.. and th michelin sport on this site said it has good road noise reduction... with i didnt really notice?? road noise is still pretty loud if i drive fast?? even on smooth roads with no bumps??? but it handles superb!! a lot of cars chase me down on straights... but hit a corner hahaha... i lose them apart from the 550 ferarri killed me on the dual carriage way...
  13. New Car - How many miles in the first month?

    [ QUOTE ] How much did the tinting set you back and who carried it out? What grad of tint did you go for on the back and rear windows - and are you satisfied with it? Cheers [/ QUOTE ] im not to sure on th front? 17 or 18?? all i know is i told the guy that i wanted it black at the back, its basically the darkest tint. it set me back £220 and took around 1-2hrs im not sure on the company name, but its very small but the quaility is very high.. all my frens go there.. and go back to him for tints on new cars. we get group discount as we booked 5cars to be tinted i will find out for u the company details
  14. Ultimate Diesel Again

    i've been filling up on ultimate too recently for the last 4-5 tanks now, it has made a slight difference in throttle rsponse and there is difinitely less smoke outta the back! the mpg still depends really how the car car is driven i believe. so filling up at 87.9p or tesco 79.9p?? i think i'll go back to the cheap stuff for now. it hasnt drastically improved mpg or performance to warrant such price difference in my own opinion. theres a piece of my mind
  15. New Car - How many miles in the first month?

    i did 500miles on the first 3days of my new A3. i even tinted the windows 1-2hrs after picking it up from the stealer!! i'd say i did around 2000 myself in the first month.. slowed down now