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  1. TV retrofit

    I have an Audi Q7 with MMI 2G which I have bought and fitted kit to link to headrest dvd players, TV in motion, boot closer etc. I have a newer (2011) Q7 with MMI 3g and this is not fitted with either Digital tv or DAB radio and I was wondering how difficult would it be to move the modules over from the old to the new car and whether you would have to fit harnesses to enable me to do this?
  2. I have bought some replacement headrests with 9" screens which each have built in DVD players with usb and SD card functionality plus various other gizmos for keeping the sprogs amused in my Q7. My car has factory fit digital TV and I have enabled TV in motion. I have bought some a/v cables from kufatec to allow the output from each player (each has an aux output) to be played on the main screen in the dash (via the aux in 1 and 2 on MMI) and also another set of cables for the output of the digital TV signal to be available to watch on the screens via their aux input. I have done the (relatively) easy bit by installing the headrests, running the cables down the inside of the seats and zip tieing all together and putting the seat backs back on (which was thankfully much easier than suggested by most threads on the subject...!) My questions are as follows: Power Source - where should I source the power from given that I want a switched supply, preferably an accessory one, and how should I route said cable? All of the power in the central console (telephone handset and lighters) is permanently live it seems. Feed to and from digital TV unit - kufatec have supplied rudimentory instructions on which wires attach to which pins in the Tv connector. I am not 100% sure that I even know where the TV module is! I think that it's under the DVD nagigation drive on the right hand side of the boot. How best do I tap into this loom/connector? I am quite capable of soldering. How do I route the a/v cables through to the front seats? I can't find any obvious loom conduit. Many thanks for any help!
  3. Can't delete speed warning 2

    I've read the manual, studied the disc manual through the MMI and I can 100% verify that there is no menu item "instrument cluster" in CAR.....
  4. I have had a speed warning beep at me at over 70 mph since I bought the car and despite following the manual to delete it the option is actually not even there. I have a feeling that the warning was set by the previous owner and then the firmware updated (it is the latest version) and so the option is removed from the menu. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this annoying warning?:confused:
  5. Is it possible to take a feed off of the digital TV module to output to say rear headrest screens where they have an auxilliary input? Also, doesnayone know where the aux inputs are for the MMI screen? :confused:
  6. TV in motion

    I googled Tv in motion MMI and got loads of people wanting to sell me a module for £100+! I think I used the wrong terminology (TV in motion instead of VIM)!! Live and learn! Thanks again for your help.
  7. TV in motion

    That link was perfect. VIM all enabled now thanks.
  8. TV in motion

    I'm pretty experienced with vagcom. Have used it on my B5 RS4 to configure the RNS-E that we installed as well as several customer projects. Where in vagcom is the section on TV in motion?
  9. TV in motion

    Ha ha ok! Is VCDS Vagcom? I have vagcom and the necessary cables. Can I use this? :confused:
  10. TV in motion

    Does anybody know if the software solutions for £40 actually work as opposed to the hardware options (£150+) such as those sold by Kufatec etc? If so then I can't see the point of the hardware alternatives...:confused:
  11. That sounds like a pain. What colour is your leather? In terms of the logistics of achieving what you wanted to achieve electronically did you establish if this was possible?
  12. Hi Smithy Did you manage to get a solution to this? You are looking to do exaclty what I want to do with my q7. I also wanted to be able to play movies off of a USB stick.