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  1. Thanks for this info craigyb...much appreciated. probably a dummies question but how do I set remote sim on?
  2. craigyb Sorry to ask but a lot of threads have pointed me to you who could potentially help? I have just purchased a 58 plate A8 Quattro Sport 3.0 TDI and am having lots of problems pairing my Blackberry torch with the MMI? Have you any ideas on the right order or settings to use to get it to work and I have managed it only twice in about 20 attemps but immediately as it connects it asks to disconnect with some reference to SAP ? Any help is much appreciated
  3. I am after some help please. I have bought the above over the weekend but seem to be having soooooo many problems in pairing up my BB Torch with the MMI? Can anyone provide a janet and john list of how this can be achieved as I seem to have wasted hours already with it partially pairing then not at all etc etc etc Anyones help is really really appreciated Regards Rob