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  1. Question Re; 12V Accessory Socket on Golf MKV

    Run a new (fused) live from the battery to the socket and disconect the existing ign fed feed. It's easy on a mkv R32 [battery in boot]...... not so easy on other golfs. I did this on MCS...worked fine. cheers
  2. brake discs

    Changed all [front & rear with pads] at 75k as the fronts were showing signs of warping and heat damage (noisy from high speed)... ....made a big improvement, didn't realise how they had gone off over the years
  3. fuel cap

    no electric ? fuse gone ! solenoid burnt out ?? just a few thoughts.......... good luck
  4. what oil and plugs to use

    Hi I am using Castrol Edge 5-30 oil & NGK 1ZKR7B plugs.... cheers
  5. MKIV Rear Brake Part numbers

    [ QUOTE ] Or can anyone confirm the size please? [/ QUOTE ] They are listed on the site If you want R32 rears [mk4] they are:- Discs....256mm x 22mm vented ... 8N061560 1B Pads .... 1J0698451L cheers
  6. Best place to mount extinguisher?

    On the floor in front of the front passenger seat [dont foget seat movement]......... ........doesn't look too good, but easier for driver to get at if his/her feet at trapped with impact damage. Will need a good restraint system to stop it flying about in an accident. Not much use in the boot IMHO cheers
  7. Clearing the windscreen when misted

    I know it could be a problem on the Mkiv and I have no experience with the Mkv...... but could the pollen filter be getting wet, and acting like a damp sponge ?
  8. is the r a suitable daily driver

    Used every day [work and/or social] .... it is my work car ... and fun car at w/ends.. approx 25k pa and 26mpg long term [no track use] good in all respects
  9. Momo Steering Wheel Install - Golf Gti mk3

    If there is no airbag it is easy if there is an airbag, then it's a more complex issue cheers
  10. Brake pad dimensions.......

    The fronts are: MDB 1746 FMSI:D682 WVA:21484 208 M1230 3805 BMW 7 Series 94- ------------------------------- The rears are: MDB 1377 FMS:D340 WVA:20961 172 M1202 4905 Peugeot 405 87- VAG Group (Various)88- ---------- In normal road use there is a lot more bite with this material than the OE VW stuff, which IMHO only worked in a narrow temperature range [no good cold & no good hot!] cheers
  11. golf mk4 r32 break discs

    Got my discs from dsgwagen... ...they are genuine VW parts 24hr delivery to the door for £270 all in ...
  12. golf mk4 r32 break discs

    [ QUOTE ] They don't list the R32 in the disc menus, do you have to choose the 2.8 4MOTION option? [/ QUOTE ] The 4mo is on 312mm front disc....the R32 is 334mm front the rears are 256mm [vented] on both... cheers
  13. MOT passed but was running on fumes...

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I think it's 60 litres actually. [/ QUOTE ] I thought so too... [/ QUOTE ] I think its 63 litres including the reserve [/ QUOTE ] It is 63.......... ........filled up from 'empty' last w/end .. 61.3 low fuel warning about 25 miles from garage... gentle with the beans for 20 mins
  14. Brake pad dimensions.......

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] All I know, is that when I opened the box the other day, they were big bastards Sadly, there isn't a ruler in the house, otherwise I would go downstairs, open the box and measure them right now If no one has answered in the morning, I will buy a wee ruler and measure them for you. [/ QUOTE ] Thanks for the PM Ross, you are as ever most helpful [/ QUOTE ] I can give you the Mintex OE part numbers [front & rear] is you need them. cheers
  15. R32 brake pad dimensions ?

    Yes for the mk4