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  1. just out of interest what have you replaced them with because we've been hearing poor reviews from the contisport range
  2. Vredstein Sessanta/Profile Upgrade

    The Vreds are an excellent tyre, The road noise will be subject to the larger size They should last a long time as well (presuming your not raggingthe car into every corner ) once the Pzero I have at the minute finally wear out im going to try the Vredestein because I have not heard a bad thing yet and we've been dealing them for quite a while now
  3. BMW 1M (with pictures)

    I hope you got your revenge MrMe He was probably only jealous
  4. It's nearly winter

    Is summer even over yet?
  5. BMW 1M (with pictures)

    Oh killer... New tyre then? id have taken it back to them and asked what they were playing at supplying cars with punctured wheels
  6. BMW 1M (with pictures)

    Thats B E A utiful... Good find Wonder what its like in the snow though We had a 5 series in today with a puncture that had a 61 plate on it. he'd had it 20 hours poor guy.
  7. All weather tyres for Q7

    ha garcon take it your not a Q7 fan then...
  8. Supplier Recommendation - Tyres

    thats actually sickening aye i think thats the jist of what they were basically telling you in an arsey kind of way
  9. Supplier Recommendation - Tyres

    £100 a corner !!! thats mad, were they using solid gold valves and valve caps with diamond stuck on? weve never heard of them :s its all blackcircles.com round here with the smaller garages
  10. Nurburgring Sticker?

    around here its all the kids in their saxos and 1 litre corsas that they took to halfords for it 'kitting out' that have them unfortunaltley I dont understand why they do it though because they wouldnt make it round the track, the carousel would demolish them, We went round the track with continental in a bmw m3 back in the day and were crammed in with another guy. an experience I will never forget
  11. All weather tyres for Q7

    Tipex is right its like in Germany and most other European you have to have matching tyres on each axle and have to have a spare set of winter tyres by law. But its also about the contracts they with have with certain manufactureres who make OE tyres for the vehicle For example the US factory will have a contract with Pireli and the UK with Goodyear for OE's.
  12. Storing Summer Tyres

    ha i wonder as well.... Anyway the Vredesteins are brill and so are Nokians to be fair its just a shame studs are illegal in the UK the guys in norway are crazy they just think its a laugh when it snows but when its over hear people who live 1 mile from work start saying they cant get into work... pathetic
  13. Storing Summer Tyres

    Vredestein are a superb tyre and winter is pretty much their speciallity so they are highly reccomended, i personally use these in the winter for the x5 (even though its 4x4 its still a typical BMW that gives up on snow) with regards to storing them it really doesnt make a difference whether they are on or off the rim, just make sure there in a cool dry place so they dont start to perish