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  1. has any one done any tested Citroëns before?

    Thats what I'm trying to find out too. They do have some nice cars.
  2. How do you feel about this...

    Whats with the silly little stickers?
  3. I have tested few other cars but not this brand. Came across this website which has test drives. Citroën test drive
  4. Have U picked up any hitchhikers in the past year?

    I've never picked up any one, but some one helped me out once.
  5. Worst car you've ever owned ? + pic.

    1987 Nissan March, I had it for 2 months. I have driven it like 6 times. Sold it to scrap car. A so called 'friend' sold it to me. No power steering, it felt like I was driving a lorry.
  6. What`s your favourite sound?

    If you love sound, then you'll love this!