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  1. New New Beetle

    can't wait to own one
  2. Results from my snowfoam 1st experience!!

    Is it parked under a tree ever? could be messing with the surfactants in the foam..
  3. Audi TTS Coupe Wears Porsche 911 GT3 RS Colours

    if it had more of that silver trim it might look better..
  4. VW Scirocco R: Now with Optional Racing Bucket Seats

    like the cushion of the norms better
  5. Pics of new Scirocco

  6. Ferrari Tosser

    photoshopped .. got to be..
  7. VW Touareg R50 I think in Hong Kong

    I've seen every type of car imaginable in hong kong..
  8. Absolute class- Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

    parked on the street? no way..
  9. Just got myself a Scirocco R

    pics please
  10. hello from france..

    That's so awesome..
  11. Anyone seen my puddy cat?

    I like it