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  1. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    a few more we have taken out in the forest.
  2. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    Well we finally collected today after an 18 month wait ! What a bunch of wan**** Southampton Audi are, I would never recommendto anyone Couple of pictures, I will post some more tomorrow. Great car glad I waited.
  3. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    Well finely, my SG RS3 is due to arrive at dealers thisweek!! Had a call from stealers and after a 15 month wait RS3 willbe with them at the latest Wednesday!! Can’t wait some good news at last, Hopefully pick up before weekend, if they look after us as promised!!! Just hope all is ok, and no options have been missed off ashappened to ash’s SG RS3
  4. Ash what about kingfisher blue ??? Used Cars Glasgow, Used Car Dealer in Glasgow | Audi Technik Centre
  5. Hi Ash Totally agree ! After that long of a wait it needs to be right. Mine has finally arrived in the country after 15 months so let’shope when it arrives at dealers (in a week) That the spec is correct. Fingers crossed hope you get yours sorted
  6. Was this your rs3 (number 2)???

    was this your RS3 Thats 2 dead !! wounder how much this one will go for?? Copart
  7. Was This Your RS3??

    AUDI A3 RS3 QUATTRO AUTO Category D Salvage Auction someone will get a cat D RS3 half price
  8. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    went in to stealer's to find out what the f*** is going on !! usual response "no news" but would call R8 team and get back to us?? did confirm any other Audi except RS3 available in suzuka but did not know why Audi were not releasing suzuka on RS3??. asked if i wanted to change colour again "no". call back today from stealer, words were "will be more info hopefully update in week 50 but don't hold your breath". what a joke, the fecking monkeys (Audi UK) don't even know what the organ grinder is doing (Audi Germany). surely someone somewhere has a production plan or do they just pull orders from a hat and if suzuka RS3 comes out put it to one side for another day or just drop it back in !! not a word that production had stopped. seriously considering telling them to stick order as a years wait is taking the pee, will give it to next update (if it ever happens) or new year, if no news then they can shove my order.
  9. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    Hi Ash yes agree, feckin peed of with audi no info since july !! do you know what the issue is ?? why they cant produce RS3 in suzuka grey or is it part issues??!! They have given me an A5 3.2 cab everyone thinks how great, lucky i am but its an over weight alcoholic and i am thinking of giving it back and telling audi to stick there order. I will try and stop in stealers today to see what is going on if no news i will have to get in touch with R8 team again !!.
  10. Hi Has any one any news, info on when Suzuka grey will ever be Released
  11. Hi all. Had an invite to my local Audi group drive day in midhurst today ! thought we would go and test drive the A1 for her and the RS5 for me. to our surprise when we arrived there was a Brand New Rs3 sat in the car park ! Well we saw the white one at goodwood last week and that looked the part this was in black and looked just as good. we went in and saw the dealers who we know from Southampton audi and asked is the Rs3 hear to drive they responded with "yes" it had just arrived Thursday so we are using this instead of the S3 bit annoyed as all slots were taken so we saw one of the top men and said look we have ordered one and would like a drive "ok" he said you can have last of the day when we finish, great this was fine with us as we had drives for 3 & 3.30. we finally went out in the A1 around the set course duel carriageway twisty back roads fast "A" roads great for an all round test, A1 was good but then came the Rs5 of we go car felt real big but quite light on the steering went like s*** of a shovel but seemed heavy ! not quite what i expected just didn’t feel as fast as i thought it would or as sporty quite hard ride but not bone breaking!? then came the Rs3 (extras cruise ele seats black sty pack tint windows may have been more) from the second you turn the key you realise this is going to be good the engine rumbles into life great sound even better when sport button pushed Audi rep in the back of we go, pull out of the golf course and floor it like i had just nicked it wow what a noise and the pull is something else, before we know it past 60mph, this is a quick car feels much better than the Rs5 don’t know why! better steering, better suspension, felt real tight turned in with no issues when where you pointed it, seemed to pull with much more go and when we got down the tight lanes the noise of the engine and turbo just put a smile from ear to ear covered ground with no issues soaked up all the humps and bumps with ease and these were small farm lanes which even felt bad in the A1 but the Rs3 just soaked them up and pulled the tarmac from under us acceleration in all gears blistering, flicking up and down with the paddles those little blurbs from the exhaust when changing down, and when we got to a good long "A" road with only 2/3 cars in front whoosh past them all with ease touched 120mph without trying (better slow down Audi bloke in back) when we got back the first words from Audi rep to his boss were "very impressive car" as it was his first ride as well, i thought my S3 was good but this blew it away!!! Great Piece of Kit cant wait for mine to arrive and i will be back to dealers Monday to book another test drive BRING IT ON.
  12. About to drive RS3 demo
  13. RS3 UK Test

    Still no build date but suzuka grey wont be released until then i have been given a A5 cab for 6 months so that tells me december as well !!
  14. RS3 UK Test

    If you want good customer service dont use southampton audi waste of time and effort!! ordered an RS3 back in january no news calls etc for week after week took my money and car and didnt want to know responce was allways the same "still no news" when they could be bothered to contact, i have had Audis for over the past 11 years this dealer is by far the worst. i have now started dealing with the R8 team as i have said i want no further contact from dealer they have been great sorted me a nice loan car the works etc so all mobile again. only issue is they say Rs3 in suzuka will not be released until week 34 ! so looks like another long wait??