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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Haven't been here on Tyresmoke for a long time!

    My R32 was put onto carsales this morning and sold by midday! $25k

    Haven't been using it much for a while and decided to release it rather than have it fail in the garage. Driving mostly electric these days and a 4wd for outback trips.

    You still have the R32?



    1. Rachel


      Hi stranger!

      I sold the R32 in 2011 and replaced it with an R36 wagon which I kept till late 2014 when it got traded in on a ML500.  The weekend toys went through a few iterations - the current one (which I have kept now for over 4 years!) is one of the last of the 6.2l V8 C63 Coupes.

      So I am a Merc/AMG driver now - which is fine given all my white hair.  :-)

      What electric thingy did you get yourself?


  2. White 32

    [ QUOTE ] The guys racing R32s here them imported (they are all LHD) - and from memory the two main cars were a red one and a white one... There's a photo reference used to be on the VW Oz site... [/ QUOTE ] Here's one... Regards, Michael
  3. blue tooth technology

    I fitted the Parrot to my R32 last year. It was very easy - the Parrot kit comes with a pass-thru cable. Most hassle was getting the radio out and deciding where everything went. Works a charm Michael
  4. blue tooth technology

    I bought the Parrot CK3000 kit, and it worked on the AU R32 out of the box. The kit is great, it's a cinch to install and the bluetooth stuff just works! If you search vwvortex, I think I posted about it there a few months ago. Michael
  5. HPA SHS kit

    Richard, I have a kit on the water, should be here (Aus) sometime this month. I originally was after a euro-spec standard suspension, but no-one here wanted to part with it (although I see now that Tabs has his for sale, too late for me...) Anyway, I explored the options and decided that the SHS was a good option. Time will tell. Encouraging to hear jonboy's positive experiences. I will probably run mine at stock (US height), or euro height, but no lower, so I don't expect rear camber problems. Regards Michael
  6. Led Parking Lamps

    Hi Rachel, Not yet, things have been pretty busy around here, maybe next weekend. Regards, Michael
  7. Look what I did today...

    Hi Rachel, Addicted to speed? me? The stoppers look standard, I think they are, apart from the rotors and fancy pads. They've disabled the electronics and boost from what I heard, and they're trying to get better brakes approved by the race organisers. Yea, those parking lights are a real go-fast addition, worth at least a couple of horsepower at parking speeds As for the mods, I have to admit to the flapper mod as well. No idea where it will stop, or even if it will stop. Regards, Michael
  8. Look what I did today...

    [ QUOTE ] You lucky git, cmon give us a write up on what you thought about the stripped out cars, power etc. [/ QUOTE ] heh. ok, I'll tell ya! The cars are from Europe somewhere, but there has been a lot of development here to get them competitive in the GTP category. They're allowed certain engine/suspension etc modifications, and the car is totally stripped out, but it does have the factory dash. If you have a look in my gallery, you'll see a couple of shots of the engine bay, and that the car has a different intake manifold to the road car. Apparently, there are only about 3 of these manifolds in existance, and they cost some thousands of euro's each. I didn't take a direct photo of it, but the intake air is picked up from the bumper duct and routed through a modified Toureg airbox sitting where the battery is in our cars. With the open exhaust and cams (and the stuff they didn't tell us about) the engine makes ~300bhp. Gearbox is apparently standard, not sure about diff mods or ratios, it sits on 17's so the gearing is going to be lower than standard anyway. The suspension has got big, fat, meaty Bilstein dampers, big negative camber on the front and a bit less on the rear. Brakes _look_ reasonably standard apart from slotted rotors and trick pads. As you would expect the whole car is very professionally presented and prepared. It sits quite low. After we handed over the bit of paper signing our lives away, we got to sit beside Tim Lehey for a tour of his office job On cold tyres, the car slipped into the first corner, but after that it was glued to the road! The acceleration is way above the road car, and the noise is fantastic! If you've watched any of the rounds on TV, you will have seen the late braking antics of the R32's especially Paul Stokell, and I have to say it is quite exciting to be in a car and still on the gas well past where you would have thrown out the anchors if you were driving. Very smooth into the corners, then onto the gas again. Rinse, repeat. I could feel stuff happening under my backside, and I'm not sure if it was the haldex negotiating the grip or the actions of a trick diff. Unfortunately, no-one asked about either, so it's a mystery at the moment. Anyway, no wild slides or wheelspin. Occasionally twitchy, especially in off-camber situations, but our driver never looked like losing it. Still grinning Michael
  9. Look what I did today... I'm still grinning, the R32 racecar is a little ripper! Michael
  10. Euro R32's and USA R32

    Hi Al, [ QUOTE ] US spec roll bars (16mm rear and 21mm front) [/ QUOTE ] What are the euro roll bar sizes? Regards, Michael
  11. Led Parking Lamps

    Hi Rachel, Just got back from an interstate trip, the R has just clicked over 7000kms... They have arrived while I was away, and look the goods If you still want some send me a PM Regards, Michael
  12. Led Parking Lamps

    Hi. I'm thinking of ordering some of these: They're only US $2.98 each, but minimum OS shipment (I'm in AUS) is for $25 maerchandise, and the shipping is $25 10 Globes and shipping would be like around $AU 7.80 a globe $15.60 a car. Anyone in AU interested? I don't mind brokering and shipping etc, but I don't feel like wasting a heap of globes either Michael
  13. KW Coilovers for a R32

    Hi. just noticed that tyresmoke has a banner advertiser who is advertising KW Perhaps you should contact they list themselves as the 'Official UK Supplier' for KW. Maybe you could let them know the name of the shop you went to so they can cross them off their list of distributors too. M.
  14. Parrot Bluetooth phone kit installed.

    [ QUOTE ] How does my button compare to yours? Is your control pad a display or just a button?? [/ QUOTE ] I had a look, I think you have the Nokia kit? The Parrot's control button is actually 2 buttons with LED's. It's probably about 40mm wide and about 20mm high. You can see it on this page along with the rest of the kit: My Microphone looks different to that one, (smaller), might have a newer version or something. Regards, Michael
  15. Hi. No photo's sorry, let me know if there's anything you want to see and I'll try and take a photo of it. If you haven't heard of the Parrot, it's made by a French company, and they also apparently make the Nokia and Sony bluetooth handsfree kits. I've heard that the Parrot kit has more features than either of the other two, but I haven't done a feature comparison to check that out. The kit installs in the car and your bluetooth phone stays in your pocket. There is no extra arial, this kit is only doing handsfree, and addressbook dialling. The sound comes out the front speakers of the stereo, and the radio is muted when the phone is in use. The operation of the kit is pretty good. I was surprised how accurate the voice recognition is, very usable. I'll post an update as far as day to day use is concerned after using it in real life for a few days Initial impressions are pretty good. I made several calls after fitting it up, and most were very clear. There seems to be a problem calling one mobile which comes through as 'grainy' sound, but that might be just the mobiles/areas we are both using. I removed the drivers side lower dash to do the install. I've heard that some people cram the kit in under/behind the radio, but it's pretty cramped in there, so I opted to use some of the space under the steering column for the main unit. Here's some notes I made about the install: Mic: I attached it to the rearview mirror. It's a bit more obvious there, but I couldn't see the clip working and still allowing the visors to be used and it be out of the way. The visor is pretty close to the mic when it's down as it is. Mic Wire: There is a lot of excess. I just coiled it up and zip tied it to the back of the dash support above the fusebox. Controlpad: I found there is a gap at the back of the console, between the console and the climatronic, just big enough to feed the wire and connector for the controlpad through. I mounted the pad on the inside face of the console, facing the ashtray, angled so that the wire is not visible, and with the green towards the driver. You can't see the leds directly this way, but they might be a bit bright at night anyway. You can see the light reflecting from your finger as you go to click the button though. With voice commands, I might not have to use it much anyway. Control Unit: Inside the dash, sitting on a shelf under the steering column, and attached with a couple of strips of velcro. It would probably fit behind the climatronic, but I think things are already pretty squeezy in there. Maybe it would get hot in there too. I shoved all the excess wire back into that space, along with the lump on the mute cable, whatever it is. Hope it doesn't rattle around in there... Dash: MkIV dash removal howto: It all went back together without any dramas. It's a case of once you know how it goes together, it's a piece of cake. When removing the part between the radio and the steering wheel, try and get a straight pull out towards the rear of the car, that's the direction the clips are aligned. Regards, Michael