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  1. MY M3 Test Drive review

    Hi All, I drove the M4 Coupe yesterday. Yas Marina Blue with Silverstone interior, HUD and not much else optional. A few years ago I was desperate to get a 1M but after driving it felt that it was a lot of money for a 1 series that was no different inside and with an engine character that was no different to my 335i coupe (I know there are some easy power gains to be made with the 1M and financially it would have been a great choice, but if it doesn't float your boat then what's the point). I approached the M4 with apprehension that it would be the same; I know the knew engine is very much different from the N54/N55 units in the 1M and 335i but I feared it would be the same. Great low down torque but not that excitement at 6000rpm+ that you got with the V8 M3 or RS4. Well, it appears that I was wrong. I have not driven the new M5 or M6 (so not that well placed to disagree with Golfers comments) but I felt that the power delivery was relentless. The DCT box was a little jerky at points especially when in its highest severity change mode but put your foot down in 2nd and you are nailed to the seat all the way to 7000+rpm. A flick into third drops you right back into the peak torque range so there is no let up to the building of speed which quickly has you approaching license losing speeds. I was also concerned that the exhaust note would be dull due to the 2 turbos taking precious sound energy from the exhaust, however it was reminiscent in some ways of the 3.2 straight six I had in my Z4M in terms of tone and whilst being a little bit boomy at low revs it was very enjoyable at mid to high level revs. Handling wise, the drive was a bit limited but as Golfer mentioned this car is definitely a fast A/B road king; turn in was precise, good feedback even with the electro-mechanical steering. The huge amounts of torque also mean that getting the back end out is a very easy task to accomplish and it is also so well balanced that it is easy to do this without fearing that bad things are about to happen. I also think BMW have made a huge effort to improve the ride of their cars especially given the state of our roads. It was firm but at no point was there that crashing over bumps that I always hated on the previous generation 3 series. So, now just need to see if it fits up the drive (ground clearance issues at new house) and may well be placing an order...
  2. New company car

    Yep, something like that
  3. New company car

    My new company car, ahemmm, I mean van, guess I am a white van man now so look out for me sitting in the fast lane going as fast as possible
  4. Used 1M Coupe

    Ok, so went to see another of the cars on my shortlist today: Pros: The right Colour, new tyres all round, has the inclusive service pack Negatives: Lots of stone chips, hideous paint swirl, mileage slightly higher than wanted, price a little higher than ideal and they didnt want to budge much. Anyway, was offered a test drive and having not driven one I thought it was about time thinking that if they could knock a bit off the price I would probably do a deal. Now, I went into the test drive having read many journalist reviews, videos and a host of owner reviews and comments on numerous forums. All of these reviews heap massive praise on the car, its pace, engine character and handling. So how did I feel aboout it.....Underwelmed if I had to use one word. Having owned and driven a few M cars (Z4M, E92 M3, V10 M5) what I remember from all is the free revving nature of the engine which the literature and reviews I read promised much of the 1M engine despite it being a turbocharged engine. Well, I did not really find it to be free revving, and I also found it hard to believe that it had 360BHP and 500NM of torque. My RS4 had 430Nm and I would suggest that gave more of a shove into the seat than the 1M despite more weight and 4WD. There was also much hype about the fact that this engine has superb throttle response almost a match for a normally aspirrated M Power engine, but again I felt there was a lot of lag, 3rd gear 40mph foot down and a sizeable delay before take off. Now I am not saying its as bad as a VAG 2.0TDi but it was not as good as I was expecting. Also, when it did get going, it really started to run out of puff by 6000rpm wherease other M Power engines don't really get going until 5-6000rpm. To be honest the engine character didn't feel much different than the N54 unit in my 335i which this engine is also, although this is meant to have been "breathed on" by the M Power division. Unfortunately due to an accident and the salesmans lack of knoweledge of other local roads other than their designated test route we spent a lot of time in 30mph roads of poor condition. The ride on the Pilot sports was hard but not as bad as my old 335i on run flats. When we did finally find a decent complex of corners I must admit the turn in was precise with good feedback, but I also felt that the rear grip was not great with the traction light illuminating regularly in 2nd and 3rd gear although I did feel it cut in prematurely as it did not feel like the car was on the limit. On arrival back at the dealer, I felt very odd as I had fully expected to fall in love with this car instantly but for some reason I felt that something was missing. Whether it is the lack of a raucous sound track from engine/exhaust, but it just felt too civilized to me. Now the dealer has asked me to go back tomorrow for another test drive on a better route to see if I come to a different conclusion... we will see. So, any other 1M owners out there, am I missing something???
  5. Used 1M Coupe

    My Z4M was like that, sensors on the rear, 2 inches from where you are sitting but nothing on the front which you couldn't see with a periscope
  6. Used 1M Coupe

    I must admit orange is my favourite although I also think the white works well. Have seen a few that are quite close that I may go and look at on Monday, but looking at the original brochure I am a bit concerned on a couple of things: 1) Rear Parking Sensors are an option. Now I'm sure I'll get plenty of stick on here but having had PDC on every car I have owned for at least the past 6 years I have become very lazy and this is something that I would prefer the car to have. 2) Bluetooth is an option. WTF?? on a £40k+ car? Most of the cars I have seen have Professional Nav, does this automatically add bluetooth and USB connection for iphone etc? If anyone knows the answers to the above that would be great. "Use your mirrors ya big poof" is not a suitable answer to Q1
  7. Used 1M Coupe

    The one I looked at when new was £48k on the road and this one was close on spec, however I did think £6-8k in 2 years was not much in the way of depreciation. Let's hope it stays that way, although knowing my luck with cars (think Jeremy Clarkson) , it will be worth £4.22 in a months time.
  8. Used 1M Coupe

    Definately not that bad. As tipex suggested, driver must have had cruise control on Audi setting
  9. Used 1M Coupe

    The stone chipped one has done 20k and is well into its second set of tyres making me think it has been driven a bit more energetically than the other one
  10. Used 1M Coupe

    As mentioned, mainly a huge amount of stone chips which had been touched up but could really do with respraying. Paint finish on the whole car looked blotchy but seen this quite a lot on BMW finishes, especially dark colours. Sales manager offered £1k discount and basically said there would be nothing else to come off. Other car has less miles, is a better colour (my opinion) and is £5k cheaper but is missing a couple of options (Harmon Kardon and no BMW performance accessories) and it is 4 months older
  11. Used 1M Coupe

    I do have a couple : Car I am thinking about has nearly 15k miles but is still on the original tyres. Salesman said it passed the approved used car check but I think this means it has about 4mm max. I think this sounds about right for the mileage but need to factor in the cost of new tyres in the near future. What have others managed out of fronts/rears? The first car I looked at today looked like it had been through a gravel trap with the amount of stone chips on the front bumper. Anyone noticed if these are prone to stone chips in that area (can't see why myself as I had a 123d for 2 years,60k miles and it had 2 or 3 chips max), I am thinking that car has been driven quite hard. Both cars I am interested in have had 2 owners from new which is also a bit annoying bearing in mind neither is more than 2 years old.
  12. Used 1M Coupe

    Hi All, After turning down the opportunity of a new 1M when they were launched, I have finally decided I have denied myself long enough and have started looking at used examples. Went to view one at the local dealer today, but to be honest they are asking top dollar and the condition of the car was not mint, which it should be for £40k, althoughit does hae some nice BMW performance carbon accessories. Have seen another on the approved used locator and wonder if anyone knows any history about it: WK11 ENX BMW UK: Approved Used BMW | Car details Alos, have had some PCP and HP quotes and to be honest they are extortionate. Am favouring a deposit from some savings and taking a personal loan for the rest. If anyone has some beter ideas or advice, feel free to share.
  13. Tailgating

    For sure
  14. Tailgating

    Yeah I cover about 40-50k miles a year also and totally agree with you which is what my original post was referring too. I just don't consider myself to be a tit (on this occasion )
  15. Tailgating

    Yes...and obviously nobody ever breaks the speed limit