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  1. Hi I have a 2003 Golf 1.9 TDI (150HP, I think) UK model. It has done 140,000 miles and still is still going strong with lots of acceleration and it gets about 500-550 miles on a tank (c.46-48MPG?). My one complaint is that it is too darned noisy! I dont suppose that there is much that can be done about it but there is a certain amount of wind noise & tyre noise (esp on the motorways - depending on road surface)... but my MAIN complaint is just how noisy the engine is when under load! So I would love to hear any suggestions as to what can be done to quieten the darned thing (for inside the car). My preliminary thoughts so far: 1. Put extra/different/more rubber padding under the bonnet 2. Put layer of heavy rubberised felt over the carpet everywhere possible 3. Paint a layer of thick rubber solution a) behind the engine b) under the car 4. Change the exhaust pipe (but to what?) 5. Clamp some sort of vibration absorbers onto the engine mounts to lessen the vibrations getting into the chassis 6. Put the lid thing back into the boot area (if I can find one!) 7. Use some Mk 6 Golf parts (??) I understand the the NEW Golfs (i.e. Mark6) are VERY much quieter. I just wonder how VW have achieved this - anyone know? Are there any Mk6 parts that one could use? So OTHER than replace the engine - which would cost way too much money - (e.g. with a petrol engine!)... Any other thoughts? John John Smith