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  1. e30 no spark no fuel please help ???

    ok things i have checked coil 12v+ Checked earth Checked ecu 12v+ checked relays Checked plugs Checked fuel pump Checked Ht leads Checked rotor and cap checked things i need to check Ecu crank sensors pin on flywheel cant think of anything else at the moment cheers dom
  2. e30 no spark no fuel please help ???

    i have checked nearly all posabilities but im going to buy a new ecu and crank sensors just for the fact of haveing them spare, also brian mooore is on it now but i dont seem to get much and yes he does seem to be a legend lol checked all relays ! checked all earths checked all plugs,leads,coil,rotor and cap,basicly what brian has told me lol and what i have read else where cheers though but anything else i might have missed ? thanks dom
  3. e30 no spark no fuel please help ???

    hey engine cranks fine and i dont know how to check the ecu i am just on the case for buying one for spare as there getting hard to find anyway. but i gues the ecu is fine cheers dom
  4. e30 no spark no fuel please help ???

    helloooo ????
  5. e30 no spark no fuel please help ???

    hello all just thought i would write this up on here too as not getting much help elsewere, so the problem : ok I have a 318i converted to 325i with engine loom,gearbox,engine. Now im not getting a spark or no fuel coming through, before i ripped the 2.5 out it ran and when the 318 ran aswell but had headgasket gone. so i have checked all my earths my lives and i have tried bridging my fuel relays. I have searched every where that if my crank sensors are down i wont get either (fuel/spark) but i did find a earth connected to a blue/yellow wire, so am wundering if my ecu has tripped or i have a faulty crank sensor ? i have tried the fuel pump direct from a battery and is totally fine and working any help is much appreciated thanks dom
  6. Post a pic of your car

    hello all here is mine 318 e30