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  1. Formula One to switch to V6 engines in 2014

    They're expected to produce around the same power as the current engines... so around 700 - 800 hp isn't it?
  2. Sony KDL40EX724BU - 40 inch 3D, HD and LED TV

    One big problem with 3d that you mainly only come across when you go to the cinema in a non-English speaking country - subtitles! They generally "float" out in front of the screen and are massively annoying, at least to me - you have to change your focus every time you want to read them. I, for one, can't wait for this fad to die off!
  3. iCloud and Mobile me

    This could really make the iPad/tablet market explode. Non-techie / older people getting an iPad for christmas will no longer need to take it over to their relatives to sync it and make it a useful device.
  4. What would you vote for?

    Agreed. Somehow Lambo seem to create the perfect mixture of contemporary and 1980's design every time.
  5. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Soon to be 4 cylinder dolphin hugging beasts. I plan to go to a few GPs between now and 2013 for that reason.
  6. iPhone / iTunes help for an IT retard please.

    Nope, unfortunately this is one Apple thing that really doesn't "just work". I suppose they expect us all to have Macs and to be running Time Machine backups. In that case it's pretty easy. The other 99% of the world have to work it out for themselves.
  7. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Would you believe it!!!! I didn't expect it to be there. Classic stuff!
  8. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Here's a tidbit from Wikipedia - Dallas 1984... Mansell was remembered by many that year when he collapsed while pushing his car to the finish line after the transmission failed on the last lap of the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix. The race was one of the hottest on record, and after 2 hours of driving in 104°F (about 40°C) conditions Mansell fainted while pushing his car over the line to salvage a sixth place finish (and thus 1 championship point) in a race of which he had led half, having started from pole.
  9. Lotus vs Lotus legal battle ends in a draw

    Great. Now on to the further lawsuits... IBM for "Lotus Notes", REM for the song "Lotus", And finally the flower.
  10. F1 driver pisstakes

    Maybe not up to Sniff standard, but interesting all the same... drivers taking the piss out of each other. The F1 Slate
  11. Great co-driver

    Another good Irish one. Looks like a GpN Impreza being held up by a Corolla, and getting plenty abuse for it...
  12. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Doesn't get much worse than that... although Ken Doherty's missed 147 on the final black comes close... (not sure what that music adds to the video!)
  13. White or Black A7 ?

    I'd say a good metallic grey. Yes, there are Audis all over the place in grey, but like you say, not so many A7's. Oh, and I'd lose the privacy glass, but that's just me.
  14. Monaco GP

    Only when what happens is someone else's fault. Which it seemingly always is.
  15. Was bored. Did this.

    I think some Chelsea tractor drivers should probably deploy Auto-shed before beginning the parking procedure.