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  1. Psm/Abs Help please

    I'm a new Porsche owner and have a 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo. I just got the car and after it has been running for a bit when the car is hot the PSM/ABS light come on the dashboard. I have changed the MAF as Porsche told me that was the problem, after I purchased a new one from them it has still not gone away; I also changed the break light switch as i was also told this could be the problem too. I am lost to what the problem can be, when the light dose come on the engine dose not always idle correct and drop is revs up and down for a bit then settles down. Can anyone help with this as i have looked everywhere? I have also looked at the batter charge and when from cold the battery reads 12.5Volts when running the car reads 13.6 volts but dose drop to the lowest at 13.4 Volts Please help? Thank you Any ides would be great