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  1. Offical: Audi RS4 Avant

    and kindly put down the Daily Mail I work in one of those evil banks, and my wage deflation has averaged 10% pa over last 3 years with job stability to match (and I drive an RS4 not a Veyron so don't assume the starting point is silly)
  2. Offical: Audi RS4 Avant

    wow, how did you get to that increase? My £53k B7 saloon spec came to £63k OTR - main rip off seems to be SS+ / DRC costing £1700 (was £500 on B7 for SS+ and DRC was free) and bucket seats £2135 was free on B7) and phantom paint (£600 free on B7) Either way I am wasn't tempted to upgrade when I read about the B8, but the price hike helps seal the deal. Remember laughing out loud when going through the RS5 options list with the dealer, in theory it should be my ideal car but the quote for irrelevant speed limiter removal took the proverbial biscuit
  3. New RS4 Avant Owner

    Mine went to APS and they are recommended / based in the midlands. Smoothing of the curves / removal of flat spots / more eagre revving is more noticeable than power increase (although I think I can detect it) MTM are overly expensive IMHO General view of recommended places for a remap (from many comments on rs246) are MRC, DMS and APS
  4. Favour from a B7 RS4 owner please?

    sorry but i hope you cannot manage to do it - RS4 bits should stay on the real thing not suffer the same fate the M3 does with bits being cannibalised and stuck on a 318i
  5. RS6 on display at Tonbridge Audi

    sidicks - why would you switch from a nimble 2 door coupe to a huge barnstorming tank on wheels? Even if quicker in a straight line any 911 is going to be more satisfying such dissmilar cars - unless the RS6 would = some garage consolidation there again I buy the smallest car possible for my needs not the other way around
  6. RS4 - Must have options

    buckets not a must have as they are for some buyer but other prefer the normal seats for me buckets were a must because they look great , feel fantastic (even after long journeys) and are part of the RS4 experience. but then I am not a fattie and am not bothered by the slight reduction in rear legroom, or mind being careful how i get in and out to protect the bolsters from creases also not aware of "hype" on the buckets - they were fitted to most Audi test cars and were rightly complimented over their superb grip/comfort. some do not get on with them if they eat lots of pies or have back issues, try them and see for those reasons as Dave said not a "must have" per se - the proper RS4 wheel definitely is, the multi-function wheel looks crap by comparison
  7. B7 RS4 - Strip below the boot

    yes the brochure is wrong and does not mention the exhaust tips, I was surprised when my car arrived, to be honest would have preferred them to stay chrome for contrast the boot strip is there but body coloured, which in my case means black
  8. 996tt

    as with all Porsches there are tons of expensive options the TT was quite high specced and later ones (say 52 plate and younger) had the following stuff as std which a lot of ads quote as though they were great options! Bose xenons metallic sunroof electric seats with memory or sports seats PSM computer aircon leather common cost options: PCM telephone for PCM heated seats park assist cruise CD changer ali or chrome packs ali/lthr gearstick/hand brake the pricey ones aerokit £3.5k PCCB £5.3k X50 power kit £8.7k later cars (53 plate I think) also came with PCM/satnav included
  9. B7 RS4 - Strip below the boot

    should have ordered the optics pack and got rid of all the chrome bling on the car
  10. RS6 Digital/Analogue TV upgrade

    Thanks Craig If you let me know when you are next down for Windsor (and if there is enough time at the meet) I would like to do the upgrade as quoted. Can you switch on the TV on the move also? Let me know by PM if you woud rather. cheers mate
  11. RS6 Digital/Analogue TV upgrade

    said do you but got no reply - do you ever come down south?
  12. Prague action?

    is Goldfingers still around?
  13. RS6 Digital/Analogue TV upgrade

    so its a straight swap with different conncectors? no new aerial or other cabling? sounds like a neat solution - how much for an RS4 with RNS-E with current analogue TV?
  14. 2001 Audi S3 for sale - very high spec

    Now have a B7 RS4 but had a Boxster S in between
  15. 2001 Audi S3 for sale - very high spec

    quite tempted to buy it back - looks in great nick