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  1. speedo accuracy

    Does anyone know how accurate the the speedo is on a mk5 gti, New Zealand police have lowered there tollerance to 5% so any one doing over 105 kmh will get a ticket!
  2. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hi all long time since i have been on the forum ! finaly got a MK5 golf gti 2007, still miss my R32 mk4 ! but I think the mk5 is great, is there anything thing i should be aware of? well glad to be back! Muskie
  3. hi i have a Jap import golf 4 with sat nav system installed which is no use, as it can't be upgraded for New Zealand, so i need to take it out of the dash. my question is how do i remove the head unit with the screen in. it is almost identical to the pics in posts above. i want to replace this with a single disc player and the standard pocket. any ideas!
  4. Hi all can any one help I have just bought a Jap import 1.8T(I live in New Zealand now) It has a factory fitted Sat nav in in but it is all in japanese, any ideas where i can get the codes/disc etc to convert into english. also what do all the buttons mean on the consol.Any ideas how to get the TV working on it as well any help appreciated.
  5. I had it done about 5 years ago at optimax. it was the best thing i have ever done. they were able to correct my short sighteness and asigmtism. the proceedure wasn't very nice but it was well worth it.
  6. New Zealand

    if you want an easy sight seeing trip try the overlander train it goes from wellington to Auckland and vis versa . i havn't tried it yet it is on my list to do, but people here tell me it is well worth it.
  7. what's New Zealand like??

    Hi Floyd, NZ does have its problems but they are no worse than in the UK you can be a rural as you like here or live in the city, although Auckland is the exception it is very busy, and the road etticutt is like Paris maybe worse! the rest of NZ is not that busy. We went to Wellington the other day and that is the Capital it was as busy as Nottingham in comparison. I live in a little town near Hamilton North Island 3 hours away from Auckland and it is so relaxed. Like anywhere you have to choose carefully where you live. any questions PM me and i will try to help.
  8. what's New Zealand like??

    hi there, how was NZ hope you liked it. i moved over here in Dec 2005 and havent looked back, it is a fantastic place as you should have seen. sorry i didnt see this post earlier i could have given you more info.
  9. missing the R

    Hi all, just to let you know i have arrived in New Zealand. I miss my R like crazy! the roads are perfect to drive in the R. oh well will just have to drive the toyota altezza RS instead. hope you all had a good xmas and new year Angel

    hi all just to let you know i have sold my R. and miss it like mad. now driving a lovely MK5 escort which cost me £35. New Zealand better be worth it.
  11. Woman Drivers

    [ QUOTE ] how did the woman in 3rd place get out safley , not wet and still holding her keys ! ??? [/ QUOTE ] i would say her husband passed them to her!
  12. On-line maps

    try this link
  13. thinking of selling

    I am looking to sell, as i am looking to move to New Zealand in the near future
  14. R32 advice/comments

    PM me i might be selling mine
  15. thinking of selling

    hi all, thinking of selling the R, just been to the stealers and they offered me pants! So i think i will sell privatly, has anyone got any tips, as i dont want boy racers coming round just to have a go in it.