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  1. S2000 had me

    [ QUOTE ] Good to see you liked our smiley and took it over to S2Ki too [/ QUOTE ] Nah, that was me a LONG time ago
  2. Hairdresser

    I gotta know how this goes, sounds like fun
  3. Mate!

    and she'll be with your new mate soon
  4. orbital polisher

    Thanks guys
  5. What would you do...

    Crash into her one day
  6. Mate!

    Go shag his bird see how he like it
  7. me and my ex.

    Find out how she is really feeling by following the process detailed below. Whilst she is stood alone somewhere, wondering... Run up to her... Stop in front of her... Look at her.... head... to toe..... then look into her eyes lovingly... see how deep her eyes go... open out your arms and hands... SQUEEZE HER NORKS THEN RUN THE OTHER WAY.....
  8. How do i do this...

    THREE is the magic number
  9. Future Classics

    You've all missed out the S2000
  10. Answer

  11. orbital polisher

    Anyone?? [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] 120v solution here linky [/ QUOTE ] Someone told me that these adaptors are not very good, and I should get something more substantial - anyone with any experience of using this adaptor for long periods of time? Also what does the bigger counterweight on the 7336 vs the 7424 actually do? Thanks [/ QUOTE ]
  12. Wheel Refurbishing

    [ QUOTE ] Your local Chipsaway franchise can do your alloys at home or office, as well as sorting out minor dings in the metalwork. The other advantage for me is that there is a Chipsaway guy who covers West London, whereas Wicked Wheels don't seem to cover this area (probably the most lucrative premium car area in the UK, judging by the cars on the road every day ) [/ QUOTE ] What's your experience of ChipsAway? I've heard only bad reports, whilst they are all individual guys - maybe yours was a good one
  13. Thieving workmates

    Wanna buy a crate of Ribena?
  14. me and my ex.

    She's a bird, what do you expect? Something more rational? get real
  15. Future Classics

    So what care that are around right now do you think will be future classics?