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  1. Chelski

    Don't think he had the time, squad is aging and in transition. Seems much undermined, Chelsea or Abramovich or whoever should wake up, change takes time.
  2. £7k budget. Diesel auto required

    Saab 9-3 or the Vectra for me
  3. GAP Insurance Help

    Range Rover Evoque - 5 door Prestige Auto
  4. GAP Insurance Help

    Thanks for all the replies - just ran a quote for RTI (£190) and will take it out when the car is delivered
  5. GAP Insurance Help

    Cheers Booster - posted at similar times..! so given the circumstances i should consider RTI going forward..? i'm already looking at quotes besides the dealer and will look at click4gap - Many Thanks
  6. GAP Insurance Help

    i hear you mate and not denying it. Just a case of do i actually need it more than anything else. Fully understand risks etc. but i could pay for something that’s not even necessary.
  7. GAP Insurance Help

    Thanks Cuprabob - I'm not accident prone but that doesn't stop someone bashing me on their terms at any time expectantly. As you suggest i don't think it fits my requirements but would like some fairly definitive answer.... won't take anyone to kangaroo court for the wrong answer .....
  8. GAP Insurance Help

    Calling all the knowledgeable bods... Can you help please ...? Can you clear this up - I'm confused on whether i need GAP insurance. As an example i'm about to purchase a new car for £40K and we'll be putting down £20K cash and taking a 3.5 year personal loan for the remaining £20K. So, do i need GAP insurance as at the minute i can see the difference between RTI and RTV but I’m not convinced it suits me. I'm not ducking out of paying it, not at all, just not sure if it actually suits my requirements. Can anyone advise..? Many Thanks
  9. That’s a cracker - i remember many moons ago going to Birmingham for the NEC motor show and a friend had one of those for his company motor. I loved the thing, the engine when he extended it in third and fourth and couple of times playing with my other colleagues Volvo T4 was sublime. I still look at these on Autotrader and Pistonheads but need a bigger hooose and garage to store it. Brilliant..!!
  10. Dumbest Stuff on Wheels compilation

    Quality viewing
  11. Scotty - Really - i need to test drive one. I need room for a dog too and sounds daft but not wanting something too large as the misses doesn't feel comfortable. Also considering A4 Avant
  12. RS3 Prospective owners only information thread

    To Ashleywater - suprised you've stuck with it to be honest. I would really like one of these and truly find my S3 hard to replace and would jump at this if it wasn't for the price and circumstances but hey hoo each to their own. Just to think to wait for this long for just this car... man i hope it is REAL FECKIN GOOD..!!!!! Looking forward to honest, personal review.
  13. 2012 (New) Audi A3

    Quite like it and the A1 interior. A1 seems to show the direction Audi are going.
  14. Have to say I’d be very interested in a 3 Series Estate 4WD in 3.0 diesel format. Been toying with a move to something different from the S3 due to family and looked at various manufacturers and models but i haven't scratched the BMW itch yet. Drove my fathers a few times and always enjoyed it and have a big pull towards it but something keeps me wanting the 4WD that Audi offer, amongst others. TBH I’ve never been stuck with FWD in snow, my father always moaned about his BMW when he had it - his area got succumb to the snow and my Mum couldn't do the snow chain stuff, maybe I’m swayed by 4WD at the mo as never had a problem getting to their house. Its probably not going to be here in time though as my need is quite Imminent..!