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  1. Can anyone give me any points on the value of my Golf GTI mark three. Details below: P reg 2litre GTI 8V Dragon Green (resprayed last couple years) 147k Riccaro Seats 6 disc multi changer and sub woofer. 4 excellent tyres Condition is very good inside Fair outside - few scratches and dings here and there nothing major. Drives well I dont have a clue - looked online £500 is the average but not sure what the extras bump it up too?
  2. Hi Guys, My mum is selling her golf GTI. We have no idea what price to advertise the car. It has Recaro seats that are in very good condition. Any help would be gratfully recieved!! Golf GTI Mark 3 2lt 1997 3 door Racing Green (resprayed in last 3 years) Recaro Seats (VGC) 147K Seviced by Golf mechanic for the last 5 years Great runner. Few dings and sctratched to paint work, Few spots of rust, nothing major. Wayne