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  1. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    lol no worries My car thread is here mate:
  2. Mk5 Golf GTi Induction Kit Debate

    Cracking response eldavo69....i was allset to buy the Neuspeed P-Flo...but youve given me food for thought! Yes im a Newcastle Utd fan...but based in Bristol Thanks for the offer though. Ill have too look into this abit more.
  3. Mk5 Golf GTi Induction Kit Debate

    Thanks for the reply, i intend on this just been a road car with maybe the odd track day. I think ive decided to go down the Neuspeed P-Flo route and buy the extra heat shield and cold air feed pipe. I had a CAI (Pipercross Viper) on my last car & noticed ZERO difference so doubt ill go down that route again thats nearly £200.
  4. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Wheel Size: 18" Tyre model:Conti Sport 2 (think thats OEM?) Miles Driven: 1k Season: Summer Would you buy again? not sure yet Comments:Seem ok, Quite grippy on the bends but they are nearly new and ive only recently got the GTi. one complaint i do have is Road Noise....My last car had 18"s with Toyo Proxies which were fantastic and i hear great things about Eagle F1's.
  5. Hi new mk5 GTi owner here

    Lol i now know the feeling, no sooner do you clean day its not quite as clean even if it hasnt moved! My 1st Black car...probably my last I guess the saying "once you go black....." isnt always so true
  6. Hi new mk5 GTi owner here

    Pink? Lool Ill keep my Black tah
  7. Hi new mk5 GTi owner here

    Hi StooH thanks for the welcome...yeh ive had a good ganders around here & theres some great advice & tips Love your mrs said the same thing...i used the same excuse ha ha
  8. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hello, im new here Just bought a Mk5 Golf it Look forward to meeting you all
  9. Hi everyone, 2nd post for me (My 1st was to say hello: can be found here) I was wondering if the great debate on Induction kits had been solved yet? Im not sure which route to go down out of Open Air or Closed Air. I prefer the noise of the Open Air systems but i hear due to heat soak etc then that could but blockers on any BHP gains i intend to make so was looking at the Closed systems..Well i had a PiperCross Viper on my last car and it was naff! No noise, No improvement to anything (not noticable anyway) so what did i just waste £150 on? Regarding the Open Air system i was thinking along the lines of a cold air feed pipe and a heat shield to reduce heat soak etc. If i went down the closed route...The K&N Apollo looks does the EVOMs kit...but i wasnt looking to spend as much as that on this mod. Sorry if i seem a tad nooby on my opening subjects...Im abit new to the whole tuning scene and all i knew before seems to be slightly different on the GTi. Thanks in advance for any replies Toon
  10. Hi new mk5 GTi owner here

    Hello one & all, Just a quick introduction to your latest TyreSmokin Petrol head.. Im ToonTonic, Im 25yo, I love cars, sport, gym and huskies. Ive just bought my 1st VW Golf GTi MK5. Ive waited a long time to get my hands on a GTi as i really believe its one of the brands of cars most reputable motor maniacs should own at least once imo though i wasnt overly keen on the MK4 and the MK6 was abit too pricey for me if im honest. Anyway, Ive not long got my hands on this GTi and im loving it. I plan on working my way up to a Revo Stage 2 Remap alongside a Milltek exhaust system, Induction, upgraded brakes and maybe some Koni's. Infact one of your members (RedRobin) has a GTi which is kinda how i want mine. So Tips, Contacts would be nice Anyway, I look forward to meeting/talking to you all as ive seen some of the great banter on here for quite some time (ive been stalking you all as a guest) To end, Heres afew pics of my car (And yes, i jst cleaned it prior to these pics):