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  1. Hi all, PPC Magazine (Practical Performance Car (PPC) magazine, a monthly publication aimed at real car enthusiasts, with real-world cars.) are going to be running a buying guide on the VW Phaeton in the next few months, and we are looking for a car to use in the studio photoshoot to accompany the feature. Would anyone be interested in bringing their car along for the shoot? The studio is in Derby, and the date will be Wednesday 31st August (it can be either morning or afternoon). Ideally we'd like a blue/black car as they work better against the white studio background than silver, but it is not essential. The car would need to be relatively clean and standard but by no means factory-fresh. Engine choice is also not a problem, although a V10 or V12 would be preferable. Please let me know if you are interested in attending, a copy of the studio photos will also be available to the owner afterwards. Many thanks in advance, James Winstanley