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  1. A3 Tdi quattro 140 turbo upgrade

    Thanks for your reply. Up untill now the car has drove perfect since the remap but the past couple of days i have noticed periods when the car seems a little flat as if the turbo isnt working correctly, not sure if its the turbo or not though. I have also noticed a split second loss of power as if the car cuts out and instantly regains power. Not causing any problems at the moment but definatley a fault id like to catch as early as possible. I Have been advised this could be the turbo beggining to seize causing the engine to momenteraly stall? Also during dark hours i notice alot of black smoke on pulloff, Can completley cover the road if i pull of fast enough, As you say and i also have been told this sounds like oil seals in the turbo. My understanding is the whining noise is bearings on the way out which causes the turbine to move, this damages the oil seals causing the oil in the intercooler pipes, causing the smoke. Unless ive got this wrong it im pretty sure i need a new one. I would just like to be reasured that if i was to get my unit reconditioned i wouldnt have the same problem in a few months time. Hopefully its nothing to do with the remap and its just down to general wear and tear. Also not sure if its relevant but ill mention it anyway, The noise coming from the turbo is not constant. I notice it more at idle and its pretty loud! Each time i am stationary after about 15-20 seconds the noise starts and can be stopped by a very gentle tap on the revs but returns again after a few seconds. It sounds like a really loud radiator fan!
  2. Hi, I own a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 Tdi quattro s-line with 68k on the clock, A few months ago i had a custom map put on by a friend. Now i have noticed the turbo making a whining sound and some oil in the lower intercooler pipes. Im looking for suggestions on what to do next; Im not really interested in gaining more power, But am woundering wether i should upgrade the turbo to handle to extra power from the remap? Or could it be possible that the turbo unit was on its way out anyway and the remap has made no difference to the life of it. Upgrade or Recon the unit i currently have? If upgrade links to suggested units would be appreciated. Many thanks